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Disability Rates

80% Disability Rating, Benefits, and Pay

November 1, 2022
Updated: July 24, 2023
80% Disability Rating, Benefits, and Pay

VA disability benefits are awarded to veterans via a rating system.  The rating corresponds to a specific amount of compensation that will be paid to the veteran on a monthly basis.  As veterans who are rated at 80 percent are often severely disabled, veterans with this rating are among the more highly compensated by VA.

What are VA Disability Ratings?

As mentioned above, VA assigns disability ratings based on the severity of a veteran’s disability.  To assign ratings, VA uses the Schedule for Rating Disabilities to determine how conditions will be evaluated for purposes of receiving a VA disability rating.

The rating criteria in the Schedule for Rating Disabilities describes symptoms, and sometimes treatments, relevant to specific conditions.  VA will determine how the veteran’s condition corresponds to the rating criteria for, or most closely related to, their condition.  VA will then issue a rating, ranging from 0 to 100 percent, according to the criteria.  These ratings are assigned in 10 percent increments.

VA disability ratings are meant to compensate veterans for the average impairment in earning capacity caused by their service-connected condition(s).  As such, the more severe the disability, the higher the VA disability rating.

5 Ways to Establish VA Service Connection

How Much Compensation Do Veterans Rated at 80 Percent Receive?

As of December 1, 2022, veterans who are rated at 80 percent will receive $1,933.15 per month.  However, this amount typically changes each year to reflect changes in the cost-of-living.

Below is the amount of compensation awarded for each percentage:

  • 0 percent disability rating: $0.00 per month
  • 10 percent disability rating: $165.92 per month
  • 20 percent disability rating: $327.99 per month
  • 30 percent disability rating: $508.05 per month
  • 40 percent disability rating: $731.86 per month
  • 50 percent disability rating: $1,041.82 per month
  • 60 percent disability rating: $1,319.65 per month
  • 70 percent disability rating: $1,663.06 per month
  • 80 percent disability rating: $1,933.15 per month
  • 90 percent disability rating: $2,172.39 per month
  • 100 percent disability rating: $3,621.95 per month

Veterans may also be eligible to receive additional compensation for qualifying dependents, including a spouse, child under the age of 18, child between the ages of 18 and 23 and still in school, a child who was permanently disabled before the age of 18, and dependent parents.

80% Disability Benefits for Veterans with Dependents

Veterans can receive additional benefits for their dependents, such as spouses and their dependent children.  Below are the rates payable for various scenarios when a veteran is rated at 80 percent:

2023 VA Pay Chart

What Other Benefits Are Available to Veterans Rated at 80 Percent?

In addition to VA disability compensation, veterans rated at 80 percent may be eligible for additional benefits, including, but not limited to:

Are Veterans Rated at 80 Percent Eligible for TDIU?

Total disability based on individual unemployability (TDIU) is a monthly benefit available to veterans who are prevented from gaining or maintaining substantially gainful employment.  This benefit compensates veterans at the 100 percent level, even if their combined disability rating is less than 100 percent.

In order to be eligible for schedular TDIU, veterans must:

  • Have one condition rated at 60 percent minimum, OR two conditions that can be combined to reach at least 70 percent, where one condition is at minimum 40 percent.

Veterans who are rated at 80 percent for any condition meet these criteria.  As such, if the veteran is prevented from working because of their service-connected disability rated at 80 percent, they should be eligible for TDIU benefits.

To apply for TDIU, VA requires that veterans complete VA Form 21-8940, Veteran’s Application for Increased Compensation Based on Unemployability.

Need Help with Your VA Claim?

Veterans who have been denied benefits or believe they are entitled to a higher rating have the right to appeal VA’s decision.  The skilled team at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick has decades of experience fighting for veterans before both VA and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.  Contact us at (800) 544-9144 for a complimentary consultation to see if we can assist you.