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Veteran (VA) Disability Lawyer In Texas

Are you a disabled veteran living in Texas (e.g., in Houston, Waco, Austin, Dallas, El Paso, San Antonio, etc.)? Do you believe your current disability is related to or was incurred during your military service?

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), an executive branch of the United States government, administers a variety of monetary and health benefits to veterans with service-connected disabilities living in Texas. While VA’s purpose is to help military veterans obtain these benefits, it unfortunately does not always interpret federal laws in favor of the veteran. The experienced Texas veterans disability lawyers at CCK Law can help. you appeal your denied claim.

Types of VA Benefits

VA Disability Compensation – VA offers service-connected disability compensation as a tax-free monthly monetary benefit to qualifying veterans. Military veterans who have one or more qualifying service-connected conditions (i.e., medical conditions incurred in or caused by active duty) may be eligible for this benefit.  CCK Law offers an easy to use disability calculator to estimate your benefit payment amounts. Veterans can file a claim for disability benefits on VA’s website.

Dependency and Indemnity (DIC) CompensationDependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) is a tax-free, monthly benefit dispersed to surviving spouses, children, and sometimes parents of veterans whose death was related to military service or a service-connected condition.

VA Pension – VA offers Pension, or Veterans Non-Service-Connected Disability Pension, to wartime veterans who are age 65 or older or have a permanent and total (P&T) non-service-connected disability, and who have limited income and net worth.

Check out the full list of VA benefits here.

VA Benefit Resources in Texas

VA Regional Offices

VA Medical Centers

VA Clinics

Filing Your Texas VA Disability Claim

If you have a medical condition related to your military service, you can file a disability benefits claim with VA in Texas. The sooner you file, the more benefits you are likely to receive.

To apply for disability compensation, you must file a claim with VA through their website.

To reopen a previously denied claim (e.g., for PACT Act-related conditions), you can also file a Supplemental Claim by submitting “new and relevant” evidence.

If Your Texas VA Claim Was Denied

If you receive an unfavorable decision from a VA Regional Office in Texas, it is important to thoroughly read the Rating Decision letter. Pay attention to which condition(s) VA did or did not grant service connection, the individual disability ratings, and the effective date of benefits.

Then, to request another review of your claim, you have multiple disability rating appeal options:

It is important to note that filing an appeal through one of the first two lanes (i.e., Higher-Level Review or Supplemental Claim), if possible, can reduce wait times and move your VA case faster. Additionally, disabled veterans must file an appeal within one year in order to preserve their effective date and maximize their potential VA back pay.

Hiring a VA Disability Lawyer in Texas for Your Appeal

A VA disability lawyer serving Texas can help take the burden of the VA appeals process off your shoulders. Texas veterans disability attorneys and claims agents have knowledge and experience when it comes to navigating VA’s claims and appeals system.

How to Choose a VA Disability Lawyer in Texas

When researching representatives to handle your VA disability claim or appeal, it is important to determine whether a representative is accredited by VA to provide legal services. VA-accredited veterans disability lawyers or representatives are individuals recognized by VA as legally authorized and capable of assisting claimants in pursuing benefits before VA. Claimants can use the VA Office of General Counsel (OGC) database to determine if the representative who wants to help them is accredited.

Learn more about red flags to watch out for when choosing a VA representative here.

Why Hire a Veterans Disability Lawyer?

When working on your claim or appeal, VA disability lawyers can help you gather supporting medical records and additional evidence (e.g., doctor’s reports, medical evidence, vocational evidence, lay statements, etc.). They can also file a claim or appeal on your behalf.

Representatives are knowledgeable about the VA claims and appeals system and can ensure you meet all VA’s required deadlines for submitting documents. Veterans disability lawyers should be committed to working collaboratively and keeping you informed and up to date on the progress of your case.

Having a Texas veterans disability lawyer on your side can help you avoid any delays in the process, which, in turn, can move your VA case faster. They can also help you fully pursue your claim and get the maximum possible benefits for your condition or situation.

Get Legal Assistance from a CCK VA Disability Lawyer in Texas

Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD is a national leader in Veterans Law, with decades of experience successfully representing veterans before the VA, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, the CAVC, and the Federal Circuit. CCK also recently opened an office in Houston, Texas, to better serve our Texas veterans.

At Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD, we hold ourselves to the highest legal and ethical standards while ensuring that promises made to our clients are kept through focused, experienced, and compassionate advocacy.

If VA denied your claim for benefits, the accredited attorneys and claims agents serving Texas at CCK may be able to help you appeal the decision. Reach out to CCK today to schedule your free case evaluation by calling 800-544-9144 or by submitting a message through our contact form.


I contacted Chisholm Chisholm and Kilpatrick LTD after years of failed attempts in receiving my benefits. I tried repeatedly to get assistance [from] the DAV and even my congressman in my area. From the day I contacted Chisholm Chisholm and Kilpatrick LTD, everything was handled very professionally and efficiently. The firm maintained case communication with me throughout the entire process, I never had to call them for updates. Chisholm Chisholm and Kilpatrick made my case much easier on myself and my family. They assured me I would receive the benefits I deserved due to my injury received while serving in the United States army. My family and I will forever be grateful for this amazing law firm.


I had been fighting the VA bureaucracy for over a decade for compensation due to PTSD. All I got were denial letters. Out of desperation I contacted CCK. They took my case and with knowledge and determination, I was finally granted compensation. I urge all veterans who are in my boots to contact CCK. They get results.

Angel G.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to everyone at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick that worked on my husband’s case. He would have been so happy that you all never gave up over the years. You always kept him up to date on what was happening and since his death you have always been so kind and understanding to me. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Sarah M.

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