They are very professional, patient, kind and very detailed orientated an excellent team of lawyers.
– G. Davis, October 2017

Just received a service connected determination for Parkinson’s for my TDY trips to UT/Tahkli/Don Muang from `66 to `70 as a KC-135 crew member. Thank you Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD. Initial claim, no hassle, no back compensation so no fee to CCK. Guys, I would not have this if it were up to me to do all the paper work. Don’t be reluctant to use an attorney. CCK knows what they are doing!
– F. Crigler, October 2017

It has been one of the best legal experiences that I have personally encountered. Their follow up and their follow thru has been on perfect terms. Wow, they have given me a celebrity experience!!! Impressive..!! The point of the matter is, this case with the government was a very, prolonged and pretest battle, they handled with every and all of assurance, devotion, integrity, poise, etc…They touched every line of their profession with perfection. They are so awesome, brilliant they’re terrific!!! Thumbs up for me.! I really appreciate and thank them for all that they’ve done. For what it’s worth. Bless You.!!!
– K. Nade, October 2017

These people are FANTASTIC!!! I highly recommend this firm to Veterans everywhere. Honest Legal Help like this is priceless and they are extremely skilled. So Satisfied with the results…5 stars!!
– Anonymous, October 2017

I cannot begin to say how grateful I am to this Firm. From the Class A staff to the Lawyers, there are no complaints. Everyone treated me fantastic!! After 30 yrs of fighting on my own, they were able to win my case in less than 15 months while VA Experts said, I was looking at 3 to 5 yrs for a decision in the Appeals court. Attorney Ionelli (forgive me if I spelled it wrong) is amazing. They promised me nothing but that they would fight hard, but delivered like I could never have imagined. They have restored my faith in Lawyers…. honest people. Thank you all again from the bottom of my heart <3 and God Bless you all for helping Veterans like me. – C. Marie, September 2017

Chisholm, Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD are miracle workers! I retired as e-7 msgt in 1982 and was ordered to report to the VA dental clinic Jefferson barracks for follow up on shrapnel wounds to my lower jaw and healing to my upper mandible from a convoy vehicle accident. so i have been dealing with the VA all this time. i finally realized a lawyer was the only way to get some action on my claims. 35 years of being diagnosed finally with TBI, PTSD, anxiety, veritigo, hearing loss, and neurapathy i am getting some back pay to the tune of 180 k+ THANKS TO CHISHOLM,CHISHOLM &KILPATRICK !! HOOOORAH !!
– R. Pryor, September 2017

I would like to thank the entire staff at CCK for their professionalism regarding my case the the VA. My case was proving a CUE going back to 1975 for PTSD being reduced form 30% to 10% I served as a US Marine in Viet Nam in 1968 and was wounded in action by a mortar round. My case was initially rejected by the VA but with the thorough review by CC&K , the VA agreed with the case that CC&K made and awarded my initial rating of 30% retroactive to 1975. I have multiple service connected disability ratings due to the wounds in both legs , arm and chest and I am now rated 100% P&T . Thank you.
– Edward M., September 2017

We had struggled for eight plus years, with the VA, and got nowhere. Our case was sent to CC&K and in less than one year, we were they won all his back pay and 100% rating. We could not be more pleased. We highly recommend this firm for anyone struggling with the VA.
– Anonymous, September 2017

They help change my life and done a great job getting my award letter, please try them if you are having problems because they can get the job done and get the money and recognition you deserve they was very polite and helpful through the whole process and stayed in touch letting me know on a regular basis, thank you wonderful people for what you did to help me
– D. Akers, September 2017

CCK stepped in and had my back all the way, providing me with the peace of mind that I direly needed. CCK staff was very attentive to my concerns and always provided me with a caring ear, while applying themselves 100% to my case. Resurrecting my appeal, CCK has fought the VA hard and relentlessly, holding the VA accountable at every step of the process. In dealing with the VA, CCK’s expertise, in my opinion, is truly unsurpassed. If you’re a veteran, who finds him or herself caught up in the VA’s relentless web of denials and appeals, contact CCK. In fact, before you file a claim with the VA, contact CCK.
– Froylan M., September 2017

I do not know of anyway I could possibly thank the people that work at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD.. They contacted me and said they had reviewed my military and VA records and thought that an injustice had been done. They volunteered to take over my case and accomplished in one year what I could not do in 13 years. They kept me informed every step of the way. Thanks to them my disability was granted back to the 2003. My family and I Thank You.. As I said many thanks. the work you did on my behalf is so much appreciated. As I wrote to Mr. Robert V. Chisholm and Landon Overby my life has now changed with no worries or stress. When I saw a deposit to my account it kicked me in the gut and brought reals tears to my eyes. My wife was worried because she had never seen me that emotional (never seen me with tears)l, it took a while before I could speak to her and let her know what you had done for us. Paid off Alix (daughter) University Debt, all credit card debt, the car, put a third of it in Olean’s (wife ) retirement fund, money set aside for my sons education and completed much needed repairs to the home. I was in the Ukraine when I noticed the deposit. We were caring for my Mother in Law who just had a Cancerous tumor removed from her Right Kidney. Before I left I took a line of credit out for $10.000. The reason being, even though they say they have free medical, if you want the surgery then you will pay for part of it. Because of what you did for us I was able to even pay off the line of credit while in the Ukraine. You pulled me out of debt, all bills paid and things will be much more comfortable for my family. If you are ever in San Antonio please contact us, Please let everyone one in your firm know we appreciate all their hard work. Just like in the military you all are one heck of a TEAM.
– Robert L., August 2017

I thought I could go it alone. I filed several disability claims through the VA only to be denied over and over again. I knew I needed help. I found that help with the law firm of Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick. They filed for me and won. They were very helpful, respectful. A great team on my side. Thank you.
– Gene W., July 2017

What I had been fighting to get for years, CC&K did for me in months. I am extremely grateful to them and especially Daniel.
– Ron M., June 2017

I would like to thank the office of C,C,& K For the hard work and dedication in handling my case. When other vets told me to drop my case and fight them at the VA I trusted my lawyers and got the BEST results i ever image. I was truly blessed when i was told to contact them. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART. A Friend forever.
– Dennis S., June 2017

I’m so glad we sought the help of CCK on my husband’s VA claim. We had been going back and
forth with the VA for 5 years on his claim without seeing any progress. Then we found CCK and
the case was resolved in about a year! Once we got in touch with CCK, everything started
moving. CCK handled all of the communication with the VA and always kept us in the loop. The
team working on my husband’s case was so polite and kind, and they were always willing to
answer any questions we had. Thank you CCK for successfully handling our VA disability case!
– Sarah C., June 2017

My experience with Chisholm, Chisholm. & Kilpatrick was very pleasant and hassle free from beginning to end and I highly recommend this Law Firm to all Veterans especially with difficult cases to be resolved. They care about the individual and take your case as important as if it was their own. I have never seen a Law Firm so diligent and their care for Veterans is to use a military term, beyond the call of duty. I was in the Air Force and a Navy friend of mine recommended them for my case and I highly recommend them to all my Veteran brothers and have already sent clients their way. I will continue to do so.
– Jerry, May 2017

I couldn’t have expected a better outcome for my complicated VA disability claim than what I obtained working with Chisholm, Chisholm & Kilpatrick (CCK). On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give CCK a 10.1! Back in the mid 1990’s, I tried to pursue my disability claim on my own. I thought I knew enough about the VA claims process to be successful but I wasn’t. Between 1995 and 2007, I made about 4 attempts to obtain my benefits, all without success. I decided to get serious about my claim in 2007 and I did what I could but after the initial denial, I searched for and hired CCK whom had been highly recommended to me. The team there took over my case made strong arguments on my behalf. Even though it took me almost nine years to realize satisfaction of my claim the delays were due to VA and repeated appeals. The firm was tenacious with the VA on my behalf and constantly followed up with the VA pressing for action. I was a little skeptical at first because I lived in Tennessee and CCK is in Rhode Island, but the distance proved to be no issue at all. Over the course of my claim I had multiple hearings and two stand out in my mind in particular because CCK was just stellar. Mr. Chisholm (by telephone) and Mr. Baker (in person) commanded the hearings and carefully guided my testimony. They did not tell me what to say but guided me into timely discussing what was pertinent and relevant. Every member of the firm’s staff I worked with over the years was knowledgeable and most professional. The firm must without a doubt be the finest veterans’ legal advocates in the country! In 2011, I was granted 100% permanent and total disability. I was happy with the result and was ready to accept the results as final, but CCK took another look and told me that the VA need to go back in time and pay on my claim. They continued to advocate for me before the VA and eventually the effective date of my benefits were taken back to 1995. Thank you CCK for being my advocate and righting my wrongs!
– K. Johnson, April 2017

Having interacted with the Veterans Administration for nearly 10 years I consider myself a self-educated expert on dealing with the Administration. In spite of my in-depth understanding of the rules and policies I found myself unable to successfully win my claims. I came to realize that dealing with a professional organization as the VA was beyond my abilities and required an organization of similar professionals to act on my behalf. I was simply out of my league! Contacting CCK I requested they represent me and interact with the VA on my behalf. I will honestly tell you that the professionalism and experience of CCK soon made me realize that they not only had my best interests in mind, but had an exceptional understanding of the law and policies the VA is required to adhere to. Within less than a year CCK’s experienced lawyers not only presented my case to the United States Court of Veterans Appeals, but did so with a successful conclusion. As knowledgeable as I thought I was, CCK was able to cite specific violations of policy the VA had overlooked. Although the policies were there, it was the interaction of the attorneys at CCK and the presentation of my case that were the true basis of my success. I am the biggest champion of CCK and cannot express the absolute necessity of utilizing the professionals at CCK when dealing with the VA. As an educated 40 year veteran of the military I am first to admit that dealing with the VA is beyond my abilities and if you hope to be successful in your claims you absolutely need the experienced attorneys at Chisholm, Chisholm & Kilpatrick.
– Thomas H., March 2017

I was fighting for my VA disability compensation for 10 years. I was ready to give up and then CCK took my case. I immediately felt at ease because they kept me informed every step of the way and there was so much less stress for me. Thanks to CCK I am now receiving TDIU benefits and I am very thankful.
– Raul B., March 2017

As soon as you began representing me, I was informed every step of the way and always knew what was going on with my case. Thank you so much for your help. You told me at the beginning that you would get me 100 percent and you came through.
– Robert G., February 2017

Our goal is to achieve a favorable result for our clients, while providing an excellent client experience. Read what other CCK clients have to say after working with us. These are not intended as a guarantee that we will obtain the same or similar results in your case.

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