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Undergraduate Internships

Thank you for your interest! We are not currently hiring for our Summer Internship Program. Please check back later for more updates.

CCK is a public interest law firm. CCK seeks rising college seniors to work with and experience our nationwide Veterans Law practice group. This position provides the opportunity to work with paralegals and attorneys on complex public interest legal and factual issues to ensure our nation’s disabled armed service veterans and their families receive the benefits they need and have earned.

Undergraduate Internship duties include, but are not limited to:

  • Reviewing and assessing clients’ case files, and summarizing important facts for paralegals and attorneys working on the cases;
  • Analyzing complex legal documents;
  • Proofreading and reviewing important procedural documents;
  • Communicating with the firm’s clients as needed;
  • Researching, investigating and securing necessary evidence to support a client’s claim for benefits; and
  • Assisting attorneys and paralegals with necessary case development, research and arguments for clients.

Additional Details:

  • Weekly salary is $650.
  • Hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 4:30 pm.


Applicants should have completed three years of undergraduate studies with a strong academic history.

Candidates must be detail-oriented with strong written and verbal communication skills, and eager to learn. Additionally, candidates must be able to multi-task, adhere to strict deadlines, take direction well, be open to feedback, and work both independently and collaboratively. Candidates should have working knowledge of MS Office applications.

Meet a Few of CCK’s Past Interns!

Julia Gaffney

Providence College, B.A. English Literature, Spanish Minor (Anticipated May 2020)

“My name is Julia Gaffney, and I will be starting my senior year at Providence College this fall. I discovered CCK at a college career fair during my junior year, and I was immediately drawn to its Summer Internship Program. Learning about CCK and its primary practice in Veterans Law sparked my interest, especially since I have many veterans in my family and feel passionately about granting benefits to those who have served our country. Before I knew it, I had applied and been accepted into CCK’s Summer Internship Program and was ready to start my first day in early June. It was on that very first day that I witnessed what makes CCK special. Not only did I feel welcome immediately, but I also saw how dedicated this firm is to veterans and working hard to make their lives better. The efficient and informative training that I received, regarding my summer position and the world of Veterans Law, showed me that CCK cares deeply about the veterans whom it serves and wants its employees to be as prepared as possible when representing clients. After just one day, I already knew that I was going to gain so much from working for a firm that cares so much.”

“The CCK Summer Internship Program has been a transformative experience for me in a multitude of ways. Every day, I was lucky enough to witness and be a part of the good that this firm does for veterans. Whether I was working on cases, special projects, or shadowing various members of the CCK team, I was able to participate in a chain reaction that ends with a veteran receiving the benefits and recognition that she or he deserves. I also acquired many transferable skills through working in this position, which helped to shape me into a professional with motive, drive, and compassion for others. Finally, I gained an immense amount of appreciation for this firm not only because of its ardent dedication to veterans, but also its dedication to its employees. Although I was only at CCK for a few months, I was always treated like a true member of the team and family that is this firm. Everyone was incredibly kind and more than willing to answer questions or assist me with anything that I needed. This experience has had such a huge impact in my life, and it is the people that I met here and the good work that they do that helped me to realize my passion for law and decide to pursue a law degree. Thanks to CCK, I have grown as a person in so many ways, all while helping others.”

Geoffrey Boyer

Wake Forest University, B.S. Mathematics (Anticipated May 2020)

“Overall, I have had an amazing experience during my time as a summer intern at CCK. As the first real job/internship I have ever had I was entering an unknown world and was needless to say filled with excited nerves. I quickly found out that I would enjoy my time working at the firm after meeting some of the great members of the training team. They made what was an unknown and rather daunting experience both comprehensible and doable. Throughout my summer I have considered the work I have done at this firm to be both fulfilling and rewarding in many different ways. At one point during the summer, a colleague said, “Don’t ever forget that there are literally thousands of disabled veterans and their families who can put food on the table because of the work that each of you do every day.” This took the work I was doing and made it feel more real, and more valuable.”

“As someone who is still questioning which graduate schools and which potential careers I wish to pursue, this internship has taught me a great deal about the legal profession. Most helpful were the shadowing’s where I could see what day to day life was like for all different levels of employees here at the firm. My biggest reason for taking this position was to get exposed to working in a legal environment and working here has fulfilled that desire. I will return to school for my senior year at Wake Forest University in less than a month with new memories and information that I will consider in making some of the biggest decisions of my life. I would like to thank everyone who has had a part in my time at CCK from the partners, the training team, the litigation department, and everyone else who has helped to make the experience the best it could possibly be.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the day-to-day responsibilities of an Undergraduate Intern?

Day-to-day responsibilities include: review and organize clients’ electronic files (such as service records, medical records, claims, appeals, decisions, etc.) using a software that is designed to assist the legal team; shadow employees from different departments of CCK to get an idea of all areas of law that CCK handles; attend trainings and meetings with the other claims advocates, attorneys, and accredited practitioners; and assist with any special projects that may arise.

Will I be interacting with clients?

In some instances, yes, you may be asked to speak with clients over the phone. We try to have our interns exposed to as much as possible during their time at CCK.

How long is the internship?

Internships are approximately 10 weeks with flexibility depending on school calendars.

Do I need previous legal experience/knowledge to succeed as an Undergraduate Intern at CCK?

No, don’t worry. It is okay if you don’t have legal experience prior to starting your internship at CCK; many of our interns don’t! The initial on-boarding will fully prepare you for any of the tasks you’ll be tackling on a daily basis. Additional training is provided for any special project assignments. Not to mention, you’ll have peers and supervisors to answer your questions at any time.

What skills do you look for in an intern?

  • Time Management. There is often a lot going on in our clients’ cases and some of your assignments need to be handled expeditiously due to deadlines.
  • Organization. The ability to sort, order, and manage large volumes of documents, files, evidence, and other information.
  • Adaptability. A willingness to become familiar with the different parts of the firm and adjust to changing projects.
  • Collaboration. The ability to work well with others to assist our clients in the process of obtaining the benefits they deserve.
  • Professionalism. Clients trust us to handle their affairs with discretion.

Where do I park?

CCK is located in Providence, RI. We recommend using Park Downtown Providence for parking suggestions.

Why is this position a valuable opportunity for an undergraduate student?

Experience! CCK’s Undergraduate Internship program is particularly unique because it provides the opportunity to work alongside CCK staff who are working on real client cases. Interns get to see what it’s like to work in the legal field as a paralegal and work every day with experienced attorneys at one of the largest Veterans Disability law firms in the country.