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Do You Need to Be Concerned About Disability Claim Deadlines?

Yes.  Many disability insurance policies have important deadlines that you must meet.  Missing a deadline such as the deadline for filing your claim, providing evidence of disability, or your appeal could result in loss of your benefits.  Most important deadlines can be found in your policy or plan documents.

If you have more than one type of disability insurance coverage, for example, STD, LTD and life insurance with waiver of premium through your employer, you should identify the deadlines for making each claim.  In some cases, these three benefits (and others) can be incorporated into the same plan, and may only require one application.  However, this is often not the case:  There may be different policies and plan-governing documents for each benefit.  Each may have a different notice of claim deadline and different requirements for payment of benefits. If you are not sure about your deadlines, you should engage an experienced LTD attorney to investigate and advise you on your claim.