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Long-Term Disability Lawyer Serving Westboro, MA

Long-term disability (LTD) insurance covers a portion of your income if you develop a disabling medical condition and can no longer work.  The process for filing a long-term disability claim can be challenging and tiring, especially if you are impeded by your medical condition.  CCK lawyers serving Westboro, MA can help you navigate this process and get you the benefits you deserve.

If you need help with your long-term disability case, you can contact us today at 800-544-9144 for a free consultation with a member of our team.

Seeking the Help of an Attorney Can Benefit Your Claim

You are able to handle your claim by yourself having an experienced long-term disability lawyer on your side can be advantageous to the success of your claim.  The CCK attorneys serving Westboro, MA have over three decades of experience assisting claimants with their claims.  We understand the difficulties that claimants encounter as they navigate the long-term disability process, such as hard-to-meet policy requirements and communication issues with insurance companies.

Our attorneys will evaluate the language of your policy to help you understand the requirements you must satisfy.  We will help you in gathering evidence by connecting you to medical or vocational experts who can provide examinations that will strengthen your claim.  We can handle the communication between you and your insurance company to ensure that your claim is on the right track.

Our attorneys are also knowledgeable in long-term disability and ERISA law, which governs LTD group plans.  ERISA imposes strict rules on claims, which means a missed deadline can result in a denial of benefits.  Under ERISA, not submitting all your evidence in the appeal stage can hurt you in court, where you will not be allowed to provide any additional evidence.  We work to ensure that your claim meets all requirements according to ERISA regulations, state law, and your policy.

CCK Will Help You Prove Your Long-Term Disability Claim

To receive long-term disability benefits, you must submit evidence to prove that your condition meets the definition of disability outlined by your policy.  While medical records are required for long-term disability claims, these records alone will often not satisfy your policy.  Our lawyers will help you gather additional evidence, which may include:

  • Treating physician reports: A personal report from your physician can be a great way to support your medical records. Your physician may be able to offer insight into your condition and the ways your symptoms impair you that are not found in your medical records.  If you maintain an open relationship with your physician about your condition, they will be able to be better attest to the details of your condition for your claim.
  • Impact statements from friends, family, and coworkers: People in your daily life have likely seen the ways your condition impairs you. Friends, family, and coworkers can provide statements detailing the ways they’ve witnessed you live with your condition in your day-to-day life.  They may be able to provide testimony as to how your condition disables you at work and at home.
  • Evaluations from outside experts: The lawyers at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick work with a variety of medical and vocational experts. These experts may be able to provide you with additional examinations that can be documented for your claim.  A medical expert may evaluate your functional and physical capacity, as well as administer cognitive and neuropsychological exams.  Vocational experts can assess your ability to successfully do your job while disabled by your condition.

Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick Can Ease the Stress of the Long-Term Disability Process

The lawyers serving Westboro, MA at CCK are ready to help you with your long-term disability claim.  We can assist you in completing documentation, gathering evidence, and communicating with your doctors or insurance company.  We will make sure that your claim is submitted in a timely manner so that you are not subject to any ERISA complications.

If you are faced with a denial or working on building an appeal, we can reevaluate your policy and study your denial letter to determine how to build a stronger case.  It is our priority to get you the benefits that you deserve.

If your claim is approved and you begin receiving monthly benefits, your insurance company may require updated information about your condition.  We can continue to represent you and keep track of your insurance company’s deadlines so that your benefits are not terminated.  CCK understands that this is a difficult process and can handle your claim while you take care of your health.

Call CCK for a Free Consultation Today

If you suffer from a disabling medical condition and cannot work, you may be qualified for long-term disability insurance.  The long-term disability attorneys serving Westboro, MA at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick are able to assist you with your claim.  We can help you prove your disability and get you the benefits to which you are entitled.

Call our team for a free consultation today.  You can contact Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick at 800-544-9144 or contact us online.