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Long-Term Disability Lawyer Serving Mendham Borough, NJ

Long-term disability (LTD) policies are important for protecting a person’s income when they become unable to work due to a debilitating medical condition or injury.  These insurance policies are typically either provided by a person’s employer or bought directly from an insurance company.  Yet obtaining these benefits when you need them can be difficult.  A long-term disability lawyer serving Mendham Borough, NJ from CCK can help.

Typically, such benefits protect a percentage of a worker’s pre-disability income.  Many policies cover between 60 and 80 percent.  You expect these benefits to be available when you require them, but the reality is often different.  Insurance companies routinely deny LTD claims every year.

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Consulting a Long-Term Disability Lawyer Can Help with Your Claim

The disability rate in Mendham Borough, NJ, located in Morris County, was 4.9 percent.  If you have an LTD insurance policy and you suffer from a condition that renders you unable to work, then you must consider filing for these benefits.  Some claimants may decide to handle this process on their own, but those who handle LTD claims on their own are more apt to make common mistakes that could cost them their benefits.

CCK understands the difficulties associated with filing and/or appealing for long-term disability benefits.  Our long-term disability insurance lawyers have over 30 years of combined experience helping clients fight for their benefits.  We know what insurance companies—such as Unum, Guardian, and MetLife—look for in a successful claim.

First, we track all deadlines to ensure that you do not miss any.  If you miss a filing deadline, then you could lose out on your benefits.  If you have an employer-provided policy, then ERISA likely governs it.  ERISA has its own strict deadlines of which you must be aware.  An ERISA attorney can ensure that your initial claim and/or appeal is compliant with this federal law.  Moreover, we can help you understand your coverage, which is often complicated and difficult to comprehend.

CCK Can Collect Supplemental Evidence to Bolster Your Mendham Borough Long-Term Disability Claim

Medical records are often most claimants’ primary source of evidence.  It is necessary to provide your insurer with evidence when filing for LTD benefits.  Every long-term disability policy contains a definition of disability.  You must prove, through evidence and documentation, that your condition impairs you per this definition.

CCK utilizes several forms of supplemental evidence that we can collect and submit on your behalf, including:

  • Specialized reports from your treating physician: Your treating physician has unique insights into how your condition specifically impacts your ability to work. These reports can highlight key aspects of your condition that your medical records do not, especially if you have a condition such as fibromyalgia or depression.
  • Witness statements from family, friends, and co-workers: Others often see how your condition affects you daily. For example, family and friends can see how your condition impairs you at home, and co-workers can attest to how your condition prohibits you at work.  Obtaining official witness statements can bolster your claim, especially if you suffer from a condition such as chronic back pain.
  • Additional medical and vocational evaluations: Insurance companies prefer objective evidence. Therefore, procuring outside opinions from experts can reinforce your claim.  CCK works with several third-party professionals who can perform medical and vocational evaluations for your LTD claim.

CCK Can Help Alleviate the Stress of Dealing with the Insurance Company

Insurance companies deny many claims every year.  Often, such companies prioritize their financial needs, which results in such denials.  As such, insurance companies serving Mendham Borough, NJ will look for reasons to justify issuing a denial, such as surveilling claimants or monitoring social media accounts.  We understand how frustrating this can become and we want to help.

First, CCK can act as a point of contact between you and your insurer.  In other words, all correspondence must first pass through us.  This frees up your time to focus on what matters most: your health.  Insurance companies are known to incessantly request information from claimants or require them to attend independent medical exams (IMEs).  CCK can help filter these requests and advise you on the best way to proceed.

If your initial claim does receive a denial, our team is ready to assist you with your appeal.  It may be overwhelming when you receive such a denial, but you have the right to appeal.  CCK can handle all aspects of your appeal, including reviewing your denial letter; requesting and reviewing your claim file; collecting and submitting evidence (when necessary); and litigating in court.

Call Us Today for a Free Case Evaluation

Filing, appealing, or litigating for long-term disability benefits can be frustrating.  Yet this is not a process you must do on your own.  CCK can help you at any stage of the process.  We believe you should not have to worry about obtaining such benefits and want to help.

Call CCK today at 800-544-9144 for a free case evaluation with a member of our team.  We will analyze your case and determine if we can assist you.