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Veteran (VA) Disability Lawyer Serving Ithaca, New York

It may be frustrating for a veteran if — after serving their country and suffering an illness or medical condition as a result — they struggle to get the disability benefits to which they may be entitled.

If you have received a denial of your disability benefits claim in Ithaca, New York or you believe the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs underrated your medical condition, the experienced veterans’ advocates at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD may be able to help you craft your appeal.

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Getting Assistance for Your VA Disability Benefits Appeal in Ithaca, NY

The process of appealing a denial of benefits by VA can be challenging to navigate. The team of veterans’ advocates at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD may be able to help you through the appeals process by building a strong case and working with you every step of the way.

Components of a Valid VA Disability Appeal

VA requires that, to be considered for a grant of benefits, you must provide proof of the following elements:

  • A current medical diagnosis of your condition;
  • An illness, event, or injury experienced during your military service; and
  • A medical link between your current condition and the illness, injury, or event you experienced in your military service (known as a “nexus”)

A Current Medical Diagnosis

To obtain a diagnosis for your condition, you will need to visit an accredited medical professional. You have the option to visit a VA examiner, or you can visit your own private physician.

An Illness, Injury, or Event

You may have contracted an illness during your military service, or you encountered a situation which made a pre-existing illness worse. Alternatively, you may have suffered an injury in a combat mission or while performing a training exercise. If your condition developed or was aggravated as a direct result of your military service, you may be eligible to file a claim for disability benefits.

A Nexus Between Your Condition and Your Service

For many veterans, connecting a current diagnosis with an event, injury, or illness from their military service may prove overwhelming. VA standards require that your current condition is “at least as likely as not” to have been caused or made worse by your military service.

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A Note About Presumptive Conditions

VA has noted a pattern whereby veterans with shared military experiences developed similar medical conditions. These commonalities may connect with the veterans’ having served in certain locations during a specific time period.

Although the medical conditions these veterans may have developed were not necessarily because of one specific injury, event, or illness, VA has concluded that these patterns are more than coincidental. As such, VA has constructed a list of conditions for which there is a presumed service connection and a medical nexus is presumed to exist.

Check your medical condition against VA’s list of presumptive conditions. If your condition appears on this list, the nexus requirement for your appeal may already be met.

Example of a Presumptive Condition

A veteran who served in Vietnam anywhere between 1962 and 1975 and suffers from ischemic heart disease may be presumed to have been exposed to Agent Orange. This toxic herbicide was used widely throughout the Vietnam War, and has been identified as a cause of ischemic heart disease. This veteran’s condition, therefore, qualifies as a presumptive condition.

VA Disability Compensation Levels

Upon receiving a claim or appeal, VA may grant or deny service connection. If granted, your claim will be sent to a VA employee who will then compare your symptoms with the rating schedule used to measure the symptoms of the condition from which you may be suffering. More severe symptoms typically lead to higher ratings, which are associated with larger amounts of disability compensation.

If you are rated at 30 percent or higher and have dependent children, parents, or a spouse, you may be eligible for higher compensation rates.

Talk to a Veterans Advocate Today

A Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD veterans disability attorney serving Ithaca, NY may be able to help you with your VA disability appeal and earn you the benefits to which you are entitled. Our initial consultations are complimentary, and we do not charge our clients any attorney’s fees unless we win them a retroactive grant of benefits.

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