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Long-Term Disability (LTD) Attorney Serving Belmont, MA

It can be overwhelming to file a long-term disability claim if you have developed a medical condition that hinders your ability to work.  This process become even more challenging if your insurance company denies your claim or later decides to terminate your long-term disability benefits.  Luckily, whether you need to file an initial claim or appeal a denial of benefits, your long-term disability claim is not something you must handle on your own.

Long-term disability attorneys serving Belmont, MA from Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD may be able to help.  No matter where you are in the long-term disability process, we can assist you by putting together the strongest possible case for your disability claim.  You can call us today for a free consultation with a member of our team at 800-544-9144.

Why Should an Attorney Help You with your Long-Term Disability Claim?

While claimants may file a long-term disability claim on their own, it can be beneficial to have an attorney involved.  Insurance companies do not always act in the interest of the insured and often operate in a manner that benefits themselves.  The attorneys at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick have 33 years of collective experience working with insurance companies and know how they run.

We work to get our clients the benefits they are entitled to, and to ensure that insurance companies are handling their claims fairly.  We know the type of evidence that insurance companies are looking for and work to meet their specific requirements.  This is particularly important in ERISA-governed claims because the administrative appeal is usually the last opportunity to get evidence into the record.

Strict deadlines must be met when filing for long-term disability.  These deadlines are essential and missing one can result in a loss of rights to your benefits.  Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick attorneys make sure these deadlines are tracked and met, taking care of the details while you focus on your health.  CCK makes sure that wherever you are in the process for long-term disability benefits, nothing is left unattended.

CCK Attorneys Collect the Evidence You Need to Get Your Long-Term Disability Benefits

To qualify for long-term disability benefits, you need to meet the definition of disability as defined by your policy.  Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick attorneys will evaluate your LTD policy in order to build the strongest case possible and make sure all appropriate evidence is procured.

While the leading sources for your long-term disability claim are often medical records, your claim may also be strengthened by additional sources.  These may include treating physician reports, which can be helpful additions to your claim because medical records do not always fully represent your physician’s observations of your condition.  These reports by your physician may emphasize the way your condition negatively impacts your day-to-day functioning.

Sources for your claim may also include impact statements by personal references such as family, friends, or coworkers who have seen firsthand how your disability affects your ability to work or lead your everyday life.  They may be witness to the ways your condition affects you on a more intimate level than a physician might, making their statements strong evidence for your claim.

Outside opinions from vocational experts might also be necessary to strengthen your claim.  Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick works with a variety of experts in various fields who can perform additional evaluations and provide objective evidence as to why you are unable to fulfill the duties of your job.  Your claim could be reinforced by functional capacity, neuropsychological, or vocational evaluations.

CCK will help to facilitate and gather these types of additional reports, which can significantly strengthen your claim.  In ERISA-governed cases, submitting this supplemental evidence upfront is especially important, as it may be your only opportunity to get it into the record for your appeal.

Long-Term Disability Insurance 101

Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick Will Handle the Burden of Your Claim

No matter where you are in the process of filing for long-term disability, Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick is equipped to handle your claim.  CCK can help you file your initial claim or appeal a wrongful denial or termination of benefits and will meticulously gather evidence to support your claim.

We will ensure you stay informed and up to date with requests for information from your insurance company, and will not let them pay you less than you deserve or wrongfully deny your claim.  It is important that your evidence meets all the requirements as defined by the definition of disability in your policy, and our legal team has the experience to prove that your disability meets those requirements.  We know that dealing with a difficult condition or illness is cause for a great deal of stress on its own, and we want to take as much of the burden of filing for LTD benefits off of your shoulders as possible so you can focus on your health.

Contact CCK Today for a Free Consultation

If you are unable to work due to a debilitating medical condition, CCK may be able to help you file for long-term disability benefits.  Our experienced attorneys are ready to help prove that your condition warrants LTD benefits, no matter where you are in the process.  We want you to be able to focus on your health and well-being without the stress of filing for long-term disability benefits, and the legal team at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick is prepared to help.  Contact us at 800-544-9144 for a free consultation with a member of our team to see if we can assist you with your long-term disability claim.