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Military Sexual Trauma (MST): How to Get Service Connection – Video

Military Sexual Trauma (MST): How to Get Service Connection

Need more info? Watch our video on Military Sexual Trauma.

This video covers the following questions about Military Sexual Trauma and the VA disability compensation process:

  1. How does VA define Military Sexual Trauma?
  2. Is MST a type of PTSD?
  3. Are there any particular challenges for MST survivors in the claims process?
  4. If these events are not typically reported, how does one establish that the trauma occurred?
  5. Do men file claims for MST?
  6. Are there confidentiality rules for MST claims?
  7. Do you believe the VA is adjudicating all these claims properly?
  8. What should MST survivors know about VA compensation?
  9. If a veteran’s claim for MST is denied, what should they do?

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