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What is the VA Evidence Intake Center (EIC)? – Video

What is the VA Evidence Intake Center (EIC)?

Video Transcription

Michael Lostritto: Welcome to CCK Live Under Five. I’m Mike Lostritto. In this video, I’m explaining the VA Evidence Intake Center.

The Evidence Intake Center, or known as the EIC, is the Veterans Benefits Administration or VBA’s centralized processing location for all inbound mail. Veterans send any claims or appeals-related documents, including evidence and initial disability compensation applications, to this location for them to be scanned and saved in the electronic Veterans Benefits Management System, which is known as VBMS.

By way of history, in 2014, VA implemented centralized mail processing for compensation claims to reduce the incoming paper handling and shipping requirements associated with mailing and shipping documents to VA. Currently, as of 2016, there’s only one EIC located in Janesville, Wisconsin. All correspondence pertaining to VA disability compensation claims should be sent to the following location. The Department of Veterans Affairs Evidence Intake Center, PO Box 4444 Janesville Wisconsin, ZIP code 53547.  In terms of the mail process or workflow at the EIC, it can really be broken down into eight main steps, which I’ll outline for you here.

The first step is that a claim or document is received. The second step is that mail is then logged and prepared. The third step is that the document goes through an imaging and digitizing process. The fourth step is that the image processing or indexing step occurs. The next step, the fifth step is document typing. The sixth step is independent VA quality assurance of whatever has been received and then uploaded.

The seventh step is the digital file sent to the Regional Office. So, the digital file is sent off to the specific Regional Office that the veteran is associated with. And then finally, the eighth major step is that paper copies are stored. Veterans should be aware that they may receive mail from the Evidence Intake Center as well. So, it’s not just inbound, it can also sometimes be outbound. At times, EIC may mail documentation to veterans even after their cases have closed.

So, be on the lookout for that. Examples of mail sent to veterans by the EIC include VA decisions and disability claims, eligibility for additional compensation and allowances, updates about different processes that are occurring within the Regional Office or within VA, and a host of other different types of letters, forms, and documents that can potentially be sent from the Evidence Intake Center.

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