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How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

If you are injured in a car accident, the cost of hiring a lawyer can be a significant concern.  The good news is that we represent clients on a contingency fee basis. With a contingency fee, you do not need to have any money to hire your lawyer. You will only pay your lawyer a fee equal to a percentage of the money that your lawyer gets for you.  You will have to reimburse your lawyer for any case expenses that they advanced for you, such as the cost for experts or copies of your medical records.  In many cases, you pay this out of your share of any case recovery.  The bottom line is that your lawyer is paid no fee unless he recovers money for you.

A contingency fee arrangement can be a good option because you do not have to pay attorney fees up front or out-of-pocket.  Contingency fees can provide access to high quality legal services regardless of how much money you have. Additionally, your attorney takes on the risk of representation and invests his or her time into your case.  If your attorney is not successful in recovering funds for you, your attorney loses too. Compare this to an hourly fee arrangement in which you would have to pay your lawyer up front without regardless of whether your lawyer recovers funds for you.

Still, even with a contingency arrangement, if funds are recovered, you will pay your attorney a percentage of the recovery. It is important that you understand the arrangement.  You also want to make sure that you and your lawyer are a good fit for each other.  Read the agreement carefully before you sign it.  If it is not clear to you, here are some good questions to ask your potential lawyer:

  1. What percentage of the recovered funds will the lawyer be paid?
  2. What types of expenses does the lawyer anticipate incurring on your case?  The attorney will not be able to predict the dollar amount with certainty, but the attorney should be able to discuss the types of expenses that are typically incurred in a case like yours.
  3. Do you have to pay expenses up front, or only out of your share of any recovery?
  4. When can you expect case updates?

Most car accident lawyers do not charge for a FREE consultation, during which the lawyer learns more about your situation, and determines whether he or she can help you.  Contact Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick today for a free consultation.  We represent car accident clients on a contingency basis, which means they do not need to pay us any money up front or out-of-pocket.  Call or email us now to learn how we can help you.