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VA Definition

VA is short for the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Before 1988, it was called the Veterans Administration. It is a government agency responsible for providing services to veterans. Although it is well known for its hospitals and health care benefits, VA administers a long list of programs ranging from job training and placement to readjustment counseling.

VA began in 1930 as a federal agency created by the FDR administration to help veterans during the Great Depression. Over the following decades, its role expanded, and in 1988 it became a Cabinet-level department. It also received its new and longer name, though most veterans just refer to it as “VA” or “the VA.”

Services Provided by VA

VA’s main areas of focus are health care and disability benefits. However, it also manages national cemeteries and runs a host of programs designed to improve the quality of servicemembers’ and veterans’ lives, both while they are still serving and once they return to a civilian role.

Health Care Services

VA’s health care services include access to hospitals, clinics, community centers, home health care, and readjustment counseling. The VA system has more than 1,600 health care facilities as of 2018, plus hundreds of medical clinics all over the country.

VA also offers many home health services to veterans who have limited mobility or otherwise cannot make it to a VA facility for treatment. Its readjustment counseling centers assist vets who have PTSD or who find it difficult to return to a normal life after deployment.

Disability Benefits

VA is known for the disability benefits it provides for veterans who suffer injury or illness in the course of their service. A veteran with a service-connected medical condition can receive a grant of benefits that includes monthly compensation and free VA health care.

VA Cemeteries

VA runs 135 cemeteries across the country.

Education, Job Placement, Job Training, and Life Insurance

VA offers a wealth of additional services to veterans in the area of education, job placement, and job training. These services are designed to help veterans advance their careers both in and out of the service. When a service member returns to civilian life, VA has programs to help them transition.

VA also offers life insurance to protect veterans’ families.

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