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Noncompensable 0% VA Ratings – What They Are

July 9, 2018
noncompensable VA ratings

When VA grants service connection for a disability, it will assign a disability rating based on the presence and severity of the veteran’s symptoms. Each disability rating is then combined using “VA math”  to determine the veteran’s combined rating.  The combined disability rating ranges from 0 to 100 percent in increments of 10 and corresponds to a compensation amount. However, it is possible for a veteran to be service connected for a disability but not receive any monthly disability compensation. This occurs when VA assigns a veteran noncompensable VA ratings.

What Is a Noncompensable VA Rating?

Noncompensable VA ratings are 0% ratings that VA might assign to veterans after they become service connected. A 0% rating does not result in any monthly compensation from VA.

When Are Noncompensable Ratings Assigned?

Noncompensable VA ratings can be assigned when a veteran is granted service connection for a condition but does not experience symptoms of that condition. In another scenario, a veteran could have symptoms due to their service-connected condition but they are not severe enough to warrant a rating higher than 0%.


What Am I Eligible For With a Noncompensable Rating?

With a noncompensable VA rating alone, veterans will not receive monthly disability compensation from VA. However, veterans can be eligible for other benefits from VA with a noncompensable rating.


Veterans with a noncompesnable VA rating can be eligible for VA healthcare for their service-connected condition at no cost. There are income limits to be eligible for no cost healthcare, but veterans with a service-connected condition can still receive healthcare, they may just have to pay a copay.

Travel Reimbursement

Veterans with a noncompensable VA rating are also eligible for reimbursement for travel costs for appointments scheduled at a VA medical facility or a VA authorized healthcare facility. Veterans can qualify for travel allowances if they are traveling for the treatment of a service-connected condition or traveling for a compensation and pension examination (C&P), among other situations.


Multiple Noncompensable Ratings

Some veterans may have multiple noncompensable ratings for different conditions. In some cases, veterans can receive compensation for multiple noncompensable ratings. According to 38 C.F.R. 3.324, veterans who have two or more noncompensable ratings for separate disabilities that interfere with “normal employability,” VA is supposed to apply a 10% rating.


Filing For an Increased Rating for a Noncompensable Disability

If you believe that your condition is more severe than your assigned 0% rating, you can file for an increased rating with VA. Be sure to look at what rating criteria VA has rated you under to see if there is the possibility of obtaining a higher rating before filing for an increased rating.