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Veterans (VA) Disability Lawyer Serving Hartford, VT

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers disability compensation to veterans suffering from service-related medical conditions.  If you have a disabling condition related to your military service, you may qualify for such benefits.

If VA denied your claim for benefits, a veterans (VA) disability attorney serving Hartford, Vermont may be able to help you appeal the denial.  Call CCK today at 800-544-9144 to schedule your complimentary case review.

VA Resources Serving Hartford, Vermont

While there are no VA facilities located directly in Hartford, Vermont, there are a few facilities in nearby areas, as well as virtual resources for Hartford veterans.

Regional Office

The White River Junction Regional Office provides veterans living in Hartford, VT with claims assistance and other VA resources.  Hartford veterans can schedule a virtual appointment through the Visitor Engagement Reporting Application (VERA).

Other VA Resources

How to File for Disability Compensation in Hartford, VT

To secure disability compensation from VA, veterans must establish service connection.  Service connection requires evidence of these three things:

  • An in-service event, injury, or illness;
  • A current diagnosis of a disabling condition by a medical professional; and
  • A nexus, or link, between the in-service event and current disability.

VA may schedule you for a Compensation and Pension (C&P) examination to fulfill the nexus element.  Specifically, C&P exams are conducted by a VA examiner or VA-contracted examiner to determine if service connection is warranted and to collect evidence to assign a VA disability rating if service connection is granted.

VA Disability Benefit Rates

VA will assign a disability rating, ranging from 0 to 100 percent, to a veteran’s service-connected condition.  The more severe the disability, the higher the rating percentage.  A veteran with a 100 percent disability rating is considered totally disabled by VA.

A veteran’s combined disability rating (i.e., the combination of each of their individual ratings using VA math) determines their monthly compensation amount.

As of December 1st, 2023 the VA disability rate benefit amounts are as follows:

  • 0 percent disability rating: $0.00 per month
  • 10 percent disability rating: $171.23 per month
  • 20 percent disability rating: $338.49 per month
  • 30 percent disability rating: $524.31 per month
  • 40 percent disability rating: $755.28 per month
  • 50 percent disability rating: $1,075.16 per month
  • 60 percent disability rating: $1,361.88 per month
  • 70 percent disability rating: $1,716.28 per month
  • 80 percent disability rating: $1,995.01 per month
  • 90 percent disability rating: $2,241.91 per month
  • 100 percent disability rating: $3,737.85 per month

Veterans with a combined disability rating of 30 percent or higher and at least one qualifying dependent may receive additional compensation.  Dependents can include:

  • A spouse
  • Children under the age of 18
  • Children between the ages of 18 and 23 who are attending school
  • A dependent parent

Appealing a VA Decision in Hartford, VT

If VA denies your claim for disability benefits, there are currently three ways to appeal the denial:

Should I Get a Veterans (VA) Disability Attorney?

If you are appealing a VA decision, hiring a veterans (VA) disability lawyer can be extremely beneficial.  An attorney can help you gather relevant evidence to boost your appeal and handle written and verbal communication with VA on your behalf.

It is important to note that VA regulates who can represent a veteran under 38 CFR § 14.636.  The lawyer or claims agent representing you must be accredited by VA.  The accreditation process exists to ensure that veterans and their family members receive skilled and informed representation throughout the VA appeals process.

VA also regulates how much an attorney can be paid.  Veterans (VA) disability lawyers or accredited claims agents can only charge fees based on recovered retroactive benefits.  They are not allowed to charge fees based on any future benefits.

Get Assistance from a CCK Veterans Attorney Serving Hartford, VT

Was your VA claim for benefits denied?  A Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick veterans (VA) disability lawyer serving Hartford, VT may be able to help you appeal the decision.  Call us today at 800-544-9144 for a free case review.