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FAQ Fridays: Documents

May 19, 2017
Updated: February 10, 2020


Welcome to FAQ Fridays! Every Friday we try to answer some of the most common questions we heard throughout the week. This week, we’re focusing on the documentation you’ll need to send us and how to do it.

Q: Why do you need a copy of my latest decision?

A: Our office needs to review the evidence and information the VA used to decide your case. VA includes this information in your rating decision, so receiving it will give us a clearer picture of what is going on with your claim.

Q: How can I send you my documentation for review?

A: You can send us your most recent VA Rating Decision for review by email, by fax, or by regular mail.

Q: How do I obtain another copy of my previous decision?

A: You can request another copy of your decision by contacting your VA Regional Office. You can find your Regional Office’s contact information at this link.

Q:  Can’t you just request another copy for me?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot. We are not your current representative, so we are not able to communicate with VA on your behalf.

Q: When should I expect a call from you once I send you my documentation?

A: Once we receive your documents here at the office, you should expect a call from us within 48 hours to let you know if we are able to assist you with your VA claim.  If you’d like, we can also give you a call once we receive the documents so you know they arrived.