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Episode 194: 6 Reasons Why VA Might Reduce Your Disability Rating

Under certain conditions, VA may reduce a veteran’s disability rating. Legally, VA is entitled to rating reductions, but there are rules they must follow when doing so. For example, veterans have a right to due process, and that VA must consider all previous and new evidence when planning to reduce a rating. The law protects veterans from unjustified rating reductions though protected VA ratings or through the right to appeal a reduction. When assigning disability ratings, VA aims to ensure that each veteran is compensated for their current level of disability. If VA identifies evidence that a veteran’s condition has improved or anticipates that it will improve over time, VA will schedule an examination or evaluation of the veteran’s condition and can potentially reduce their disability rating. In this informative episode of CCK Live, the team will breakdown six reasons why VA might reduce your disability rating and what a rating reduction means for your VA disability benefits. Tune in to learn more!