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CCK Wins Precedential Decision

CCK recently won a favorable precedential decision at the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims in the case of Nohr v. McDonald. Mr. Nohr, who served in the Air Force in the 1970s, had been denied service connection for a dysthymic disorder. CCK’s Robert Chisholm presented oral argument on his behalf before a panel of three of the Court’s judges. In its decision, the Court found that interrogatories filed by CCK with the VA triggered its obligation to more closely scrutinize its own expert’s opinions. The Court reminded VA of its obligation to address all issues reasonably raised by the veteran or the evidence of record. The Court also held that the Board could not ignore Mr. Nohr’s requests for information that may help challenge the competence of the VA examiner. The audio recording of the oral argument is accessible on our “Appeals to Court” page:

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