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Board of Veterans’ Appeals Dockets

When submitting their appeal to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, Veterans must select in which docket they want their appeal processed. The Board has three dockets that Veterans can choose from in accordance with what they believe is best for their particular claim:

  • Direct Review Docket. Veterans who choose this docket cannot submit additional evidence to be considered with their claim and do not have the option of a hearing before a Veterans Law Judge. Here, the Board will only look at the evidence of record when your last decision was issued. The Board’s goal is to complete adjudication of these claims within 365 days.
  • Hearing Docket. Veterans who select this lane are choosing to have a hearing before a Veterans Law Judge. Veterans can submit evidence for up to 90 days following the hearing.
  • Evidence Docket. Veterans can submit new evidence to support their claim when selecting the Evidence Docket. When Veterans select this docket, no hearing will be held before a Veterans Law Judge. Evidence can be submitted with your Notice of Disagreement or within 90 days following its submission.