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Average VA Appeal Timelines

In a report issued in March of 2017 by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO), detailed the average wait time starting from when a veteran filed an appeal to when VA issued a decision on that appeal. The infographic takes you what happened at each processing milestone.

Day 1: The Veteran files a claim.
Day 125: VA issues a Rating Decision, and the Veteran files a Notice of Disagreement to appeal.
Day 544: VA issues a Statement of the Case and the Veteran files a Substantive Appeal.
Day 1,081: VA prepares the file for the Board of Veterans’ Appeals.
Day 1,303: The Board places the appeal on the docket.
Day 1,573, The Board reviews the Veteran’s appeal and issues a decision. In general, the total average wait time is 1,573 days from when Veteran files and appeal to when VA issues a decision on that appeal. It is important to note that these wait times are averages, and claimants may experience longer or shorter wait times.

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