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Grant Definition

Generally speaking, a “grant” means that VA is awarding your claim. When the Regional Office grants your decision, it will award retroactive benefits, if applicable. If not, VA will adjust your overall disability rating.

When the Board of Veterans’ Appeals grants a claim, it is sent back to the Regional Office for processing and implementation. For example, the Board may grant service connection for PTSD, but the file is then sent back to the Regional Office to determine the effective date of the PTSD claim as well as the disability rating warranted. In the event of an increased rating claim, however, the Board will often assign the veteran a specific rating and instruct the Regional Office to determine the proper effective date. Veterans do not immediately receive their retroactive benefits following a grant from the Board. Rather, these benefits are paid following the issuance of a Rating Decision from the Regional Office. VA is not required to issue a decision within a certain time limit in awarding retroactive benefits and wait times can vary depending on the complexity of the veteran’s case. Keep in mind that the period during which you are awaiting your grant of benefits will be included in your retroactive award.