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Guide to a 100% VA Rating eBook

CCK presents its eBook: Guide to a 100% VA Disability Rating, now available for free download!

Instead of spending your time searching for articles briefly reviewing 100 percent VA ratings, get all the information you require in one thorough, easy-to-navigate eBook.

This comprehensive guide offers important information on obtaining a 100 percent VA disability rating for your service-related condition(s).  Each section contains critical tips from the experienced veterans’ advocates and professionals at CCK.

What to Expect

In this eBook, we review the different types of 100 percent VA ratings and how to qualify for each one.  These include:

  • 100% Schedular Disability Ratings – The most direct way to receive the maximum amount of VA compensation.
  • Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability (TDIU) – Compensates veterans who are unable to work due to their service-connected disability at the 100 percent rate. Veterans can either qualify for schedular or extraschedular TDIU.
  • 100% Permanent and Total (P&T) Disability Ratings – Veterans whose disabilities are deemed total and permanent, meaning there is zero or close to zero chance of improvement, are assigned a 100 percent rating. P&T ratings are generally protected from being reduced.
  • 100% Temporary and Total Disability Ratings – Veterans who are rendered temporarily incapacitated due to a service-connected condition may qualify for temporary and total disability compensation, which is equal to a 100 percent rating.
  • 100% Disability Ratings for Cancer and Residuals – VA offers a 100 percent disability rating to veterans with service-connected cancer, regardless of the type.

We also cover additional benefits for veterans with 100 percent ratings, such as Special Monthly Compensation (SMC).

Guide to a 100% VA Rating Ebook

What You Will Learn

  • An introduction to 100 percent VA ratings (e.g., how to apply for benefits, compensation amount, combined disability ratings, etc.)
  • How to qualify for the different types of 100 percent ratings.
  • VA regulations for working with a 100 percent rating.
  • The differences between schedular and extraschedular TDIU.
  • The different types of Temporary and Total VA disability ratings (i.e., prestabilization, hospitalization, and convalescence.)
  • How to qualify for SMC and the different levels (i.e., level K, levels L through O, level S, levels R1 and R2, and level T.)
  • Additional VA benefits for veterans with 100 percent ratings.
  • And more.

Save the guide to your computer, tablet, or phone and access it whenever you need.  Download your copy for free today!

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