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Culture at CCK

  • CCK enjoys firm events to encourage inter-office comradery, fun, and teamwork
  • Ongoing professional development and training to ensure a dynamic and enriching work experience
  • Dynamic, collaborative, and team-oriented approach to the practice of law, dedicated to excellence and successful results for our clients
  • Meaningful public interest work improving the lives of our clients without compromising our core values of integrity, excellence, respect, professionalism, and teamwork

Work Culture & Community

“Teamwork is really important at the firm. We work in small collaborative teams. Each team focuses on a particular part of the practice.”

Emma Peterson, Managing Attorney

“We have a hybrid work environment, with some people working from home and some working in office. We’ve introduced Fireside Chats, which is a weekly Zoom chat with the whole firm.”

Jenna Zellmer, Partner

Impact of Working with Veterans

“CCK’s efforts… have left a huge impact on the area of veterans law and on individual veterans and their families.”

Zachary Stolz, Partner

“I feel very fortunate that I can participate in that process for people, that I can actively help them get the benefits they have been seeking, sometimes for decades.”

Maura Black, Managing Attorney

Wellness & Benefits

“We are always taking into consideration the best way to support our employees and their families.”

“We offer both reliable and affordable benefits; medical, dental and vision.”

– Rhonda Headrick, HR Director

Leaders in Veterans Law

“We have some of the smartest people in VA law… it really shows in the meetings and how we approach cases.”

Kevin Medeiros, Attorney

Employee Wellness

“We offer some roles to be completely remote, some are in office and others can be a mix of both. Employees have the option to work from the office when they’d like.”

– Rhonda Headrick, HR Director

Collaboration at CCK

“At the end of the day, we’re all sharing the same goal. And if you’re sharing the same goal, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t get together as a team and work collaboratively and creatively to get the just result that we are all seeking.”

Zachary Stolz, Partner

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