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VA Disability for Foot Conditions

  1. Common foot conditions related to military service
  2. Elements of VA Service Connection
  3. Viewer Question: Do balance and stability issues count as loss of use?
  4. C&P Exams for foot conditions (VA exams for service connection or for an increased rating)
  5. What other types of evidence could you use to support a VA claim for a foot condition
  6. What VA means by “functional loss”
  7. Secondary service connection for a foot disability
  8. Viewer Question: If you indicate an injury on your exit examination, but never got treatment, is that enough to start a claim for a foot or ankle condition?
  9. What if you had a foot condition before starting your service?
  10. VA ratings for foot disabilities
  11. VA claims for foot conditions in the new Appeals Modernization system (AMA)
  12. The Bilateral Factor in VA disability claims
  13. Special Monthly Compensation (SMC) for Loss of Use
  14. Total Disability due to Individual Unemployability (TDIU) / VA Unemployability for foot conditions
  15. Common VA mistakes when adjudicating foot condition claims & Things to remember when submitting your claim or appeal

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