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Episode 191: Top 3 VA Special Monthly Compensation Level K (SMC(k)) Rates

For some veterans with extremely debilitating disabilities, VA’s 100 percent rating does not adequately capture the severity of their disability and additional support is needed. In these cases, VA may award the veteran Special Monthly Compensation, or SMC. SMC is awarded to veterans with service-connected conditions so debilitating they require a rating higher than 100 percent. Additionally, there are different levels of SMC, which are awarded to reflect the nature of the disability. The amount of compensation will vary for each level. SMC(k) is awarded to veterans with loss or loss of use of a body part or function. Importantly, SMC (k) can be awarded in addition to a veteran’s VA disability rating. To learn more about SMC (k) and how to know if you qualify, tune in to this informative episode.