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Veteran (VA) Disability Lawyer Seving Elizabeth, New Jersey

Veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces who live with a disability related to their military service in New Jersey may be entitled to disability benefits through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

If you previously filed a claim and received a denial, a veteran (VA) disability lawyer serving Elizabeth, New Jersey may be able to help. A veterans’ advocate at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD can review your claim to determine if we can assist.

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VA Regional Benefit Offices Serving Elizabeth, New Jersey

Each region of the United States has a VA regional benefit office, where disability benefits claims are processed by staff who can help you to understand if you qualify, file your claim, and ensure you have the proper documentation. The two regional benefit offices located near Elizabeth, NJ are:

You can call, email, or visit either of these offices to learn more about VA disability benefits, as well as other support you may be entitled to, and to get help with your initial claim.

Benefit Offices Serving Elizabeth, New Jersey

Although there is not a local benefit office in Elizabeth, New Jersey, you have the option to visit either of the regional offices mentioned above or a benefits office at a VA medical center. Many VA community clinics also offer help filing for benefits, if you receive health care at one of these facilities.

If you already filed your claim received a denial notice from VA, consider reaching out to a veterans’ advocate to discuss your potential appeal options. A veteran (VA) disability lawyer serving Elizabeth, New Jersey may be able help you understand why you were denied benefits.

VA Medical Centers Serving Elizabeth, New Jersey

To be eligible for VA disability benefits, typically you must have a medical condition with a current diagnosis from a qualified professional. This may be a private physician, a mental health professional, or a VA-affiliated doctor.

If you qualify for VA health services, you have several options for primary or specialty care. There are two community clinics nearby:

If you require care not available at either of these outpatient primary care facilities, you may need to see a doctor or undergo treatment at East Orange VA Medical Center.

Filing an Appeal to Overturn a Wrongful Benefit Denial

In order to receive a grant of disability benefits based on your claim of a service-related medical condition, VA requires proof of three things:

  • An in-service event, injury, or illness;
  • A current diagnosis by a medical professional; and
  • A medical nexus, or link, between your in-service event, injury, or illness and your current diagnosis.

If you believe you have adequate proof of these elements, yet you received a denial from VA, you may be able to challenge that decision with an appeal. A veteran (VA) disability lawyer serving Elizabeth, New Jersey may be able to help you appeal a wrongful benefit denial.

You have one year from the date VA issued your denial notice to file an appeal, according to VA Form 4107.

Speak to a Veterans’ Advocate About Your Appeal

Veterans who have suffered injuries or live with long-term medical conditions as a result of their military service may be entitled to benefits through VA. The team at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD may be able to help you potentially overturn a wrongful denial of disability benefits. Call Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD at (401) 753-6359 for a free consultation to see if we can assist.