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Appeals Modernization Act (AMA) Evidence Submission

When can you submit new evidence if your VA claim or appeal is already pending? Let’s start with an unfavorable rating decision on an initial VA compensation claim.  At this point, you have to choose one of the three options to appeal:

  • Higher-Level Review: Here, you are not allowed to submit additional evidence in support of your claim
  •  Supplemental Claim: This lane allows for the submission of new and relevant evidence to support your claim.
  •  Notice of Disagreement: This lane takes your case directly to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals. This option requires you to select from one of the three dockets as follows:
    • Direct Docket: If you do not wish to submit additional evidence to the Board, nor do you want a hearing before a Veterans Law Judge, you can select this docket.
    • Evidence Docket: If you would like to submit additional evidence, but do not want a hearing this is the option for you.
    • Hearing Docket: In this docket, you will get an in-person or teleconference hearing with a Veterans Law Judge and can submit new evidence.

There are several different types of evidence that can be submitted to support your claim, including: service records (DD214, locations of service, service medical records, performance evaluations); lay statements (letters written by, family members, service members, co-workers or even yourself); and employee records(VA Form 21-4192, performance reports, disciplinary action) and finally medical records (in-service medical records, VA medical records, private medical records, medical opinions, C&P exams).