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Learning to Be a Claims Advocate at CCK

Alyse Phillips

January 21, 2022

Updated: November 20, 2023

Learning to be a Claims Advocate at CCK

CCK claims advocates are paralegals who assist with the claims and appeals process before the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Claims advocates play a key role in ensuring disabled veterans secure earned VA compensation.

Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD values focused, experienced, and compassionate veterans’ advocacy.  Due to this focus, we offer a robust claims advocate training program.

Our training program teaches newly hired claims advocates to embody these core values and gives them the necessary resources and tools to excel in their positions.

What Do Claims Advocates Learn During the Training Program?

The CCK claims advocate training program is led by an experienced, internal training team. The program has been refined over the years to adjust to different learning styles and new technology platforms. Claims advocates emerge with a set of skills and industry knowledge prepared to help our Veterans and their families.  This comprehensive training program involves a few of the following components:

The claim stream process: CCK teaches new claims advocates to navigate the veterans’ claims process, from filing an initial claim to the final VA decision.

Case mapping: Training facilitators take claims advocates step-by-step through example cases to understand the different acronyms within the system and find the most pertinent information in laying the foundation for the veteran’s case. Claims advocates will have the opportunity to practice mapping (i.e., reviewing and outlining) cases during their first week at CCK.

Phone etiquette:  CCK trains new hires to excel in over-the-phone communication.  We offer all the necessary tools and tips when it comes to calling veteran clients and maintaining professionalism. We offer training throughout the year for how to handle difficult calls and understanding persisting service-connected symptoms.

Case management software: New claims advocates will take extensive courses on how to use CCK’s case management software, as well as any other programs essential to this

Throughout the training process, paralegals will be equipped with skills in handling difficult conversations, navigating a complex software system, a deeper knowledge base of Veterans Law and its processes, and how to communicate on a small team.

At CCK, it is paramount for our claims advocates to continue to grow and learn.  As such, we have a team of dedicated coordinators who work in a full-time capacity to provide ongoing training for CCK employees.

For more information, check out “A Day in the Life of a Paralegal (Claims Advocate) at CCK.”

About the Author

Bio photo of Alyse Phillips

Alyse is a Supervising Attorney at Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick. Since joining the firm in August of 2016, she has specialized in representing disabled veterans and their dependents before the United States Department of Veterans Affairs and the United States Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

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