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Kevin Kim Receives CCK Law 2023 Law School Scholarship for Veterans

Michael Lostritto

November 22, 2023

Updated: June 20, 2024

2023 Law School Scholarship winner Kevin Kimm

It takes considerable bravery to share one’s founding philosophies with the world. It’s even more challenging – and all the more admirable – to share those philosophies when they stem from personal adversity.

Kevin Kim speaks with clear-voiced honesty in the scholarship essay he submitted to Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD’s (CCK Law) scholarship selection committee. He does not shy away from hard truths but speaks, too, to the tremendous effort it takes to break away from the habits taught by hardship.

It is in light of not only Kim’s service to the United States but also his marked commitment to personal growth that drives CCK Law to award him the 2023 Law School Scholarship for Veterans. The firm applauds every step Kim’s taken to get to where he is today and looks forward to seeing how he uses his voice in a court of law.

Growing Beyond Silence

In his winning essay, Kim tells readers that his childhood experiences taught him how to be silent. It wasn’t until he started at a military academy that he realized how much that silence had seeped into the rest of his life. Kim recalls a conversation with his commander about his tendencies where he learned that his future as an officer would require him to vocalize his beliefs and stand up for his values.

Safety Allows for Success

It was from that starting point, a foundation of safety, that Kim started developing his oral advocacy skills. He describes the process as “torturous,” a descriptor familiar to introverts around the world but exacerbated by the protection silence used to offer him. Even so, Kim persevered.

He used creative techniques, from recording and listening to his own arguments to practicing presentations in empty rooms, to grow as an orator. Before long, Kim began to pursue leadership positions and “logistical [planning] for high-stakes operations.”

Kim’s creative talent and professional pursuits prove that a determined mind can be an ally in the face of adversity.

Kim’s Hopes and Dreams for the Future

Kim currently attends Harvard Law School as an 1L, or a first-year student. He will spend his first year building a strong foundation of legal understanding, after which he may choose a specialization. While Kim says he has yet to determine his specialization, he aspires to work in Human Rights Law, National Security Law, or Criminal Prosecution.

Kim’s previous exposure to the legal field saw him learn from a criminal law professor with a history of serving as a defense counsel for Guantanamo Bay detainees. That professor, Kim says, helped solidify Kim’s belief that everyone deserves fair representation and that “although the right way isn’t always the easiest, it is one that [legal and military professionals] are obligated to follow.”

Kim, alongside his fellow 1Ls, intends to intern with legal professionals in the years to come. At the moment, he intends to work alongside Team Rubicon to provide disaster relief to communities in need. He hopes that, upon his graduation in May 2026, he can use his legal and military experience to help underprivileged communities in need.

About CCK Law’s Law School Scholarship for Veterans

CCK Law makes a point of offering its Law School Scholarship for Veterans every year. This award specifically aims to help veterans from all service branches pursue a legal career after leaving the military behind.

Students must prove their eligibility for the scholarship by submitting a completed application, proof of veteran status, and acceptance to a U.S. law school before CCK Law will consider their applications. Applicants must then write an essay of up to 1000 words answering one of the following questions:

  • How did your experience in the military inspire you in your education and career aspirations?
  • How did your military experience prepare you for law school and a career practicing law?

CCK Law will not consider applications from students who do not meet the aforementioned criteria, submit incomplete applications, or apply after the scholarship’s deadline passes. Students who win CCK Law’s Law School Scholarship for Veterans receive $1,500 to dedicate toward their pursuit of a legal education.

CCK Law Applauds Kim’s Entry Into the Legal Profession

To say that Kim’s scholarship essay and history of professional development is inspiring is an understatement. Kim models personal growth that speaks to an unmatched internal strength. CCK Law and its scholarship committee take heart in knowing that a young man with that focus and drive now stands to turn his attention toward the legal field.

The firm hopes the $1,500 2023 Law School Scholarship for Veterans will help Kim complete his 1L year at Harvard Law School. The team looks forward to hearing about Kim’s successes in the years to come.

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