Achieving an Earlier Effective Date for VA Compensation

Earlier Effective Date for VA Claim

Our veterans disability lawyers do not stop at just obtaining benefits for veterans. We make sure that compensation is fair and most importantly, correct.

​As part of an award of benefits, the VA establishes an “effective date” of the award. This means that the VA will determine at what date a veteran’s award will go into effect. Often, this date is the date that the veteran filed his or her most recent claim for compensation or increased compensation. Sometimes, this is not the earliest possible effective date, and the VA wrongly deprives veterans of the correct compensation.

Our Veterans Benefits Lawyers Can Help

CCK’s veterans benefits lawyers have many years of experience in determining whether the VA has awarded the correct effective date in a veteran’s claim. Our veterans lawyers are experienced with the VA’s regulations and court caselaw that may help a veteran secure an earlier effective date and also secure his or her correct compensation.

Securing the Correct VA Benefit Compensation for Veterans

If the effective date is incorrect, then a veteran is likely being deprived of the correct compensation they are entitled to. For example, an award with an effective date one year earlier would entitle the veteran to one year of retroactive benefits. But, if the effective date may be earlier, perhaps years earlier, this entitles the veteran to many times the award granted by the VA.

​To find out if you are eligible to receive VA disability benefits, contact our veterans disability lawyers for a free case evaluation.

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