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Episode 206: Beware of VA Benefits Scams – Warnings from Congress, VA, FTC, & OIG

In this episode, we are discussing the issue of unaccredited individuals charging veterans and their families illegal fees to file VA claims, obtain medical evidence and nexus letters, and more. A group of 31 members of Congress sent a letter to VA Secretary McDonough addressing the increase in unaccredited individuals profiting off veterans. These unaccredited individuals have only increased their predatory behavior with the passage of the PACT Act. The letter also said that the FTC has fielded over 150,000 complaints of fraud and illegal business practices relating to veterans in their benefits in 2022. Following this, the VA Office of Inspector General (OIG) issued a fraud alert related to DBQ forms and these unaccredited claims consultants VA then held a press conference focusing on the issue of unaccredited claims consultants charging excessive, illegal fees to veterans to access their VA benefits. Tune in to learn more about these scammers and how to avoid them in this informative episode!