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Episode 205: Can Veterans Qualify for PFAS Exposure Compensation and VA Benefits?

PFAS chemicals were used widely in various industries and have contaminated water, food, and air across the U.S. Their accumulation in humans is linked to cancers and ulcerative colitis. PFAS do not break down easily and PFAS contamination is widespread, including in military bases around the United States. Some military bases where this contamination has been confirmed include Fort Wainwright, Naval Station Newport, Robins Air Force Base, Norton Air Force Base, and USAF Academy. In this episode, we discuss the PFAS lawsuit and your entitlement to VA benefits. If you believe you have been exposed to PFAS and have been diagnosed with certain cancers after the year 2000, then you may qualify for compensation. Importantly, there will be no offset between your VA benefits and any settlement or award made under the PFAS water contamination lawsuit—meaning you can collect both forms of compensation at once, and they will not impact each other. Tune in to this informative episode to learn more!