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Episode 2: Agent Orange and Guam

On this episode of the Veterans Legal Lowdown, pod host Robert Chisholm and guest Nicholas Briggs discuss the use of Agent Orange and other herbicides on the island of Guam. They start with an overview of what Agent Orange is and where the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense acknowledge the use of these herbicides. Robert and Nick move on to discuss what this means in terms of VA benefits for veterans who were exposed to herbicides during service, for example, in Thailand or in Vietnam.

What about Guam? Guam has served as a base for US military operations in the Pacific going back to WWII. The Yale Law School in conjunction with NVLSP recently released a report on use of Agent Orange and other herbicides on Guam. Were service members exposed to herbicides on Guam? Are these veterans eligible for VA benefits? Has VA ever granted disability benefits to veterans who served on Guam? Robert and Nick break down the findings of the report, VA’s response to the report, and what it means for veterans who served on Guam and later developed health conditions associated with herbicide exposure. Tune in to hear the latest news on Agent Orange in Guam from Robert Chisholm and Nick Briggs.