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Episode 188: What to Expect at a Compensation and Pension (C&P) Exam For Depression

Veterans who file a claim for service-connected depression will most likely be requested to attend a compensation and pension, or C&P exam. These exams are a typical part of the VA disability benefits process and are weighed heavily by VA when determining if a veteran’s condition is service connected. C&P exams for depression are meant to assess the cause of a veteran’s depression and determine the severity, so that a rating may be assigned if service-connection is granted. When making decisions, VA will almost always give more weight to the diagnosis of the C&P examiner than the treating doctor. As such, these exams play a vital role in determining the veteran’s claim. To learn more about what happens in these exams, how to prepare for them, and what ratings a veteran may receive for depression, tune in to this informative episode of CCK Live.