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Natasha Cowling, 2020 Child of an American Veteran Scholarship Winner

Robert Chisholm

April 27, 2020

Updated: November 20, 2023

Natasha Cowling 2020 Scholarship Winner

Congratulations to Ms. Natasha Cowling, winner of the 2020 Child of an American Veteran Scholarship. Ms. Cowling will be attending the University of Mary Washington starting in the Fall of 2020 to pursue a degree in Geography. Read on for a message from our 2020 Child of an American Veteran Scholarship recipient, Ms. Natasha Cowling:

“Thank you, Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick, for your support of my education through your ‘Child of an American Veteran Scholarship’ and for serving and advocating for our military veterans.

As a military family, we moved to many different ARMY bases throughout my childhood. I attended five different schools, in five different cities, in three different states. The educational curriculum and test requirements were different from state to state. I focused the majority of my energy on schoolwork and grades because it helped me to stay busy during the hard times. This, in turn, inspired me and set me on a route towards pursuing a career that would align with my personal goals, to set high standards and not settle for anything less.

I will be attending the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia, beginning in the Fall of 2020. I’m choosing to pursue a degree in Geography and will specialize in Geographical Analysis and Information Systems (GIS). I’ve chosen this career path because of my passion for science, space, and technology.

My father is the exceptional veteran in my life. He served and fought in two wars, the Gulf War and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He suffered traumatic disabilities while serving in the ARMY and was medically retired from service. My father has always been a tough individual, refusing to show anything that troubles or burdens him, but despite his pride, it has always been transparent to me. His moxie to push through everything, even in the most distressing and traumatic of times, has taught me that minuscule things are not worth worrying over and that any problem can be overcome with bravery and effort. Today, and all things considered, my parents and my sisters and I are doing great.

Once I complete my degree, I intend to put more of the values my father taught me to good use; never choosing to slow down and let the world lead me, I’ll lead myself where I want to go and won’t let any obstacles deter me. Due to the experiences and growth my military family and I have gone through, I don’t have any doubts about my capabilities or my confidence. The challenges and circumstances of growing up in a military family have shaped the person I am today.”

Natasha Cowling
CCK Child of an American Veteran Scholarship Winner Spring 2020, Natasha Cowling


Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick offers the Child of an American Veteran Scholarship as part of our commitment to serving veterans and their families. Any child of a United States military veteran with a cumulative 3.0 grade point average who is currently enrolled or will be enrolled in an accredited U.S. university or college is welcome to apply. A transcript, 500-word essay, and proof of parent’s veteran status are required as part of the application. The deadline to apply for the 2021 scholarship is December 15, 2020.

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