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$1 Billion in VA Benefits

If the Department of Veterans Affairs gives you an unfavorable disability rating decision, Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick is the firm to call.

CCK is the largest veterans law firm in the U.S. We have over 300 years of combined experience handling more than 25,000 appeals before VA and the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. We have more time in court than any other firm and have argued many of the most important, precedent-setting cases in veterans law.

5 Benefits You Can Get With a 100% VA Disability Rating

The CCK Difference

Experience gets results. CCK has unique insights, technical access, and personal connections with VA. Our unparalleled resources mean our clients have access to top talent and consistent service. There is no substitute for experience, and CCK is the gold standard.

Appealing Your VA Rating Decision? Don’t Go Alone

  • We are better equipped to maximize VA benefits. The road to benefits is complex. We have the map. We’ve spent over 25 years aggressively honing our approach to strong VA benefit appeals.
  • We make it easier. That means taking paperwork off your plate, streamlining communication with VA, and using our experience to focus on efficient tactics.
  • We keep things moving. We file more motions to expedite claims than any other veterans law firm. We believe we are the only law firm to have sued VA and filed writs of mandamus to have VA cases moved along faster.
  • We keep you informed. Consistent, reliable communication is one of the most common points in CCK client reviews. “What is happening in my case? Is there anything I can be doing to make this faster?” You don’t have to wonder again.
  • Learn more about what makes us unique: uniquely experienced, uniquely dedicated, uniquely effective.
“I had been fighting the VA bureaucracy for over a decade for compensation due to PTSD. All I got were denial letters. Out of desperation I contacted CCK. They took my case and with knowledge and determination, I was finally granted compensation. I urge all veterans who are in my boots to contact CCK.” -Angel G.