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Tips to Move Your VA Case Faster

CCK presents its new eBook – Tips to Move Your VA Case Faster, now available for free download!

The VA claims and appeals process can be long and frustrating, and it can sometimes take many years for veterans to obtain a decision on disability benefits.  This is due to several factors, such as backlogs in almost every area of the process, the type of claim filed, how many disabilities are claimed and how complex they are, and how long it takes VA to gather evidence.

In this comprehensive guide, we review VA’s timeline for processing veterans’ claims and appeals.  Importantly, each section contains critical tips to help you avoid any delays in the process and move your VA case faster.

Types of VA Disability Claims

There are several types of VA claims veterans and their families can file to receive disability benefits, depending on where they are in the process.  These include:

  • An initial claim – for service-connected disability compensation.
  • A claim for an increased rating or TDIU – if your service-connected injury has worsened or prevents you from working.
  • Claim for secondary service connection – for any additional disabilities caused by your service-connected disability.
  • Special claims – e.g., claims for housing allowances or adaptive equipment.
  • A Supplemental Claim – providing new and relevant evidence to support a claim that was denied by VA.
  • A Dependency and Indemnity compensation (DIC) claim – for survivors’ benefits following the veteran’s death.

This eBook contains valuable advice from the experienced veterans’ advocates and attorneys at CCK regarding how to move your case faster for each type of disability claim.  It also offers guidance on how to avoid any delays during the appeal process.

What You Will Learn

  • The quickest method for filing a claim or appeal
  • When you should file your disability claim
  • Types of evidence you should submit with your claim to move it faster
  • Tips for your Compensation and Pension (C&P) exam
  • Which appeal lanes have the shortest backlogs
  • The benefits of hiring an accredited representative
  • Situations in which veterans can have their VA claims expedited
  • And more.

Save this guide to your device and reference it whenever you need for helpful tips and tricks.  Be sure to download your free copy.

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