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Meet Ian Hutter, 2019 Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick Law School Scholarship for Veterans Recipient

April Donahower

October 16, 2019

Updated: February 16, 2024

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Congratulations to Ian Hutter of Richmond, Virginia, who has been awarded the 2019 Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick Law School Scholarship for Veterans of $1,500. The scholarship is awarded annually to a veteran who is enrolled at an accredited law school. Hutter, a 12-year U.S. Navy veteran, is pursuing a J.D. and M.B.A. at The College of William & Mary in Virginia.

Hutter has had a remarkable military career as a Naval Flight Officer. On May 3, 2011, he escorted an MV-22 Osprey carrying Osama Bin Laden’s body across the Pakistan Border. His crew asked him if he thought that bin Laden’s death meant the end of the war in Afghanistan.

“I could not answer the question effectively because lawyers and legislators thousands of miles away were the ones who debated and dictated our application of international law,’’ Hutter wrote in his essay.

His essay detailed the complex intricacies of fighting a war alongside international allies, and thus having to be aware of their laws and procedures as well as those of our own military. It is his goal that law school will enable him to be a part of the creation and interpretation of international laws. “I’ve spent my career at the operating end of the international policy whip. I’ve been happy to serve and carry out orders, but never really had to grasp anything more than what was required to execute my piece of the larger puzzle,” he wrote.

Hutter grew up in a military family and would like to continue to serve his country with a career in international law, either for the government or in private practice. His wife, Morgan, deserves a special thank you, Hutter pointed out. Shortly after their wedding, they moved to Japan where, upon arrival, he quickly kissed his wife goodbye and said, “I’ll see you in six months.”

Hutter is not waiting for his law license to help fellow veterans. He is currently a volunteer at The Lewis B. Puller, Jr. Veterans Benefits Clinic at William & Mary Law School. In his interview, he gave a shout out to Chisholm Chisholm & Kilpatrick LTD for its tireless work fighting for disabled veterans.

We are proud to support those who, like Ian Hutter, spent a portion of their lives serving our country with our law school scholarship program. For more information, check out our scholarship page. Applications are due June 15, 2020, for next year’s scholarship.  If you have a question about the scholarship, or are interested in finding out about our firm’s services, call us at (401) 331-6300.

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