Veterans: What Makes You Eligible To File A Disability Claim

Veterans: What Makes You Eligible To File A Disability Claim

When the men and women who have been valiantly serving our country return home, friends and family breathe a sigh of relief.   Far too often however, the adjustments necessary to adapt to civilian life again make the transition difficult for our veterans.  Unfortunately, these adjustments must be made while many veterans struggle with health issues, both mental and physical, caused by or incurred during their service.  While VA recognizes some medical conditions as presumptively due to service, more often than not it is up to veterans to prove that whatever maladies or diseases they are suffering from are indeed connected to their military service. 

The US Department of Veterans Affairs considers veterans eligible to apply for disability benefits if they:

  • served on active duty in the Uniformed Services; or
  • served on inactive duty for training or active duty for training purposes; and
  • discharged under other than dishonorable conditions.

Once deemed eligible, the veteran must then proceed to prove that the physical or mental disability with which he or she is diagnosed was caused by or incurred during military service. While some veterans may be eligible for service connection under certain presumptions (prisoners of war, those with certain tropical diseases, Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange, etc.), a medical evaluation is still required to substantiate a disability claim.

Once service connection is established, monetary benefits are awarded according to the veteran’s disability rating.  Veterans are assigned disability ratings based on the severity of their condition ranging from 0-percent disabled to 100-percent.  Veterans may also receive additional compensation if they have dependents.

If you need further information regarding the veterans disability claims process, or appealing a recent denial, contact one of the experienced attorneys at Chisholm, Chisholm & Kilpatrick.  With over 25 years of experience helping veterans with all types of disability claims, our veterans lawyers can help if you have been denied the benefits you deserve.

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