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Vet Suffering From Psychological Disorders Shares His Story

Nic DeNinno is a young veteran from the War in Iraq, having spent fourteen months in combat in Baghdad. There his often horrific experiences led to the development of a handful of psychological disorders, not the least of which was PTSD.

In “The Return” (The New Yorker, September 9, 2013), the beginnings of his treatment are narrated by David Finkel. DeNinno shares a couple of his stories, the awful things he saw and had to do while in the Army and how they continue to affect his well-being today. Hallucinations, nightmares, severe depression; all and more are just a part of this soldier’s daily life, and he is far from alone. As Finkel writes, as many as five hundred thousand Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffer from mental illness. The article is a fascinating read; to know one person has this pain is sad, but to know thousands upon thousands more suffer is heartbreaking. Full article is available in print or with a subscription account to The New Yorker.

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