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Meet Our Team: Attorney Dan Marusak

Meet Dan Marusak

Dan Marusak is an attorney at Chisholm Chisholm and Kilpatrick. He represents veterans appealing claims at the Regional Office level and at the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA).

Dan’s Rhode Island Roots & Education

Dan is a Rhode Islander through and through. He grew up in Lincoln, Rhode Island – a town north of Providence, RI, where CCK is located.

As an undergraduate, he went to Providence Collegeon a ROTC scholarship. Since graduating, he has been serving in the Massachusetts National Guard.

After college, Dan went straight to law school, landing a spot at Roger Williams University School of Law, another Rhode Island school. “[Law] is kind of a family business,” says Dan by way of explanation. His father and a couple of uncles are all attorneys, so he grew up wanting to learn the trade.

Dan’s Military Experience

As mentioned, Dan joined Army National Guard after attending college. In 2010, he was called up to Afghanistan for two years. At the time, he was a platoon leader. Dan and his platoon served as part of a provincial reconstruction team – a group of Department of Defense civilians and civil affairs soldiers that mentored local officials in Afghanistan’s provincial government.

Dan deployed to Afghanistan right in the middle of law school. But two years away didn’t stop him from jumping right back into law school. With Roger Williams’ support, he smoothly transitioned back into his classes.

The day after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, Dan was called up to help with the crisis. As executive officer for his company, he led his team in safeguarding Boston’s subway system, known as the “T.” A New York Times photographer even snapped a picture of Dan patrolling the T. “It was an uneasy and eerie time in Boston,” says Dan.

Dan at CCK

Dan actually began his time at CCK as a law school intern back in the summer of 2013. And we’re happy to say that he has been here ever since. Dan loves working with the CCK team. And he finds connecting with veterans and making a difference in their lives to be very rewarding. As Robert notes, the stories veterans often share after CCK wins their case can be truly moving.

Dan’s Newest Family Member

Dan and his wife had their first child this September. His name is Tyler. Despite the lack of sleep, says Dan, it’s been a great experience.

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