Why Such A High Unemployment Rate For Post-9/11 Vets?

It is an unfortunate fact that, particularly in today’s economy, a large number of veterans are unemployed or underemployed. Earlier this month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released data showing the unemployment rate for post-9/11 veterans is higher than both pre-9/11 veterans and the nation as a whole. 

Recently, Forbes Magazine explored why these veterans might be a particularly good match for startup companies.  “Working in a startup equates to operating under extreme pressure,” writes Forbes contributor Shane Robinson. “Despite the rigidity of military regulations and the certainty provided by standard operating procedures, officers and enlisted soldiers alike are accustomed to making significant decisions in the face of moral dilemma, under the threat of physical harm and in a myriad of other uncertain situations.”  What unique strengths do you think veterans bring to the workforce?

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