Five Things You Should Know About Agent Orange Exposure

Five Things You Should Know About Agent Orange Exposure

For most of us, the term Agent Orange is associated with its use during the Vietnam War. Many of our veterans returned from this conflict missing limbs, suffering from PTSD, and a host of other common disabilities often resulting from combat. After the Vietnam War, veterans presented with a host of other issues as well that were caused by exposure to Agent Orange.

Here are a few important facts about Agent Orange and how it impacts veterans:

  1. Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange may be eligible for disability compensation due to related illnesses, and their survivors and dependents may also be eligible to receive these benefits.
  2. Veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange and are considering filing for disability compensation may be eligible for an Agent Orange Registry health exam, which includes a complete workup—separate from the disability process.
  3. Dioxins, even though they may have existed in the most minute amounts, are what caused extreme toxicity. These dioxins were part of the makeup of Agent Orange, and are associated with numerous extremely serious health problems from birth defects to nervous system disorders to cancer. Many of these are considered by the VA to be presumptive conditions, meaning that a service member or veteran applying for disability does not have to prove service connection.
  4. Veterans’ children may also have been affected by their exposure to Agent Orange, and the VA considers some birth defects in the offspring of Vietnam War veterans to be presumptive as well—mainly spina bifida, and it is directly associated with the parent’s exposure to Agent Orange.
  5. Veterans and others were exposed to Agent Orange in locations other than Vietnam. For example, some veterans were exposed to Agent Orange in the Korean demilitarized zone (DMZ), Thailand Air bases, and at storage sites which were maintained in other countries, to include the US.  For veterans exposed to Agent Orange outside of Vietnam, they need to prove that they were exposed to Agent Orange which can be a more difficult task but these veterans should still  apply for disability compensation.

If you were exposed to Agent Orange and have not yet applied for benefits, or if your disabilities have worsened since you initially applied for benefits, consider talking to a veterans lawyer about your claim.

For a free evaluation of your case, contact us at Chisholm, Chisholm & Kilpatrick. We have helped many veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange with the claims and appeals process, and you can schedule a no-obligation consultation with us by calling 401-331-6300.

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