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Female Veterans Face Many Challenges

Female Veterans Face Many Challenges

Female veterans face challenges accessing medical care, mental health services, prosthetics, and other resources. As the number of female veterans increases, the VA is expected to undertake changes to adapt.  For example, the Boston Globe recently reported the VA has started requiring every medical center to have a program manager to coordinate healthcare and specialized services for female patients. The VA has also announced that they will be conducting a nationwide series of one-day events to allow female veterans to share their stories, and educate women on services and benefits available to them. A nonprofit organization in Minnesota, “Women’s Veteran Initiative,” acknowledged the inadequate healthcare available to female veterans and has started offering alternative mental health services including retreats, workshops and yoga classes. VA has also indicated it is working to develop better prosthetics that are specifically designed for female amputees. It is clear that female veterans have not always been well accommodated by the VA in the past but recent changes are encouraging.

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