Why Is It So Challenging to Get Veterans Disability Benefits Approved?

Why Is It So Challenging to Get Veterans Disability Benefits Approved?

Whether you were wounded in action or became sick due to exposure to a contaminant or a burn pit, you not only have to deal with your disability, but suddenly you also have to figure out how to navigate through the disability process. The process of getting your benefits approved can be time-consuming and frustrating. Unfortunately, many veterans experience long delays while attempting to get the disability benefits they deserve.

The paperwork required to get your disability benefits approved can seem complicated. Then, waiting for a response can take even more time, as the VA works through its backlog of claims. Finally, after submitting everything you have, you may be asked for even more supporting paperwork, which can lead to more wait time while your new documents are processed. Receiving a denial after expending all of this effort can be devastating.

If you were injured or became sick during active duty and had it documented right away, that was the optimum time to file your ‘Quick Start’ claim. However, many veterans wait to file because they are not sure if they actually have a claim, or they have reservations about accepting disability benefits.

Have the Courage to Get Help

By talking to an experienced veterans advocate, you can develop realistic expectations about the claims process, which will help you relax while you wait for the VA’s decision.

There are people who have been through this process before and understand what you are going through. If you can stay several steps ahead by educating yourself about the process and presenting an organized case, you are that much closer to having your claim processed and benefits granted.

If you have been denied, the next step is filing an appeal, and this is a point at which you should seriously consider consulting with an experienced veterans attorney. If you need assistance in navigating the claims and/or appeals process, the team at Chisholm, Chisholm & Kilpatrick is ready to help. Contact our veterans lawyers for a free case evaluation.

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