The Challenges Facing Disabled Veterans Today

The Challenges Facing Disabled Veterans Today

Disabled veterans face a number of challenges, whether they have just completed their military service or returned home decades ago. Getting healthcare and compensation for their disability can be difficult enough, but many disabled veterans have other issues to deal with as well.

Mental Health Issues for Veterans

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that only half of returning service members who need treatment for mental health conditions seek treatment. Even worse, many of those who seek treatment do not receive adequate care.

There are a number of reasons that veterans do not seek treatment for mental health conditions. They may not fully understand that they have a mental illness, or they may feel embarrassed or ashamed to admit it. They may also face long wait times in order to receive care.

A veteran’s mental health can also impact his or her family, causing emotional difficulties and mental health issues among their children and spouses.

Access to Healthcare

Veterans who have service-connected disabilities are given priority in enrollment for VA healthcare based on their disability rating, but there are still limited funds to support the VA healthcare program.

Even once they are enrolled, veterans may have to wait a long time to get treatment. The VA’s patient access data provides information on how quickly veterans are able to schedule an appointment. In some areas, veterans still have to deal with wait time or over month, sometimes longer.

VA Compensation Claims and Denials

The process of applying for VA benefits can also be long and slow. There are ways to make the process go faster, such as filing a Fully Developed Claim and gathering evidence for the VA, but some veterans will still be waiting quite a while, especially if they have to appeal a claim denial.

Appealing your claim can add years to the process. The VA has stated that the average time to have an appeal resolved was over 3 years in 2015. In some cases, veterans have to wait even longer.

Dealing with VA healthcare and disability benefits while trying to focus on your health is extremely difficult, but if your claim has been denied, you can get help with your appeal. Talking to a veterans law practitioner who has handled similar cases before can give you hope that you can get the benefits you deserve.

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