VA’s 2019 Legislative Proposals

On February 22, 2018, we hosted a Facebook Live broadcast with Founding Partner Robert Chisholm, CCK attorney Jenna Zelmer, and CCK claims agent and accredited practitioner Kerry Baker to discuss the legislative proposals in the 2019 VA Budget.

We covered some of the proposals for the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). Specifically, we talked about these VBA Proposals: 1) The threshold for C&P Examinations, 2) Redefining Herbicide Agents, 3) Requirements for Decisions at the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, 4) The potential elimination of Accredited Claims Agents. And these VHA Proposals: 1) Care at Medical Foster Homes, 2) Treatment for Military Sexual Trauma (MST), and 3) Access to VA Telehealth.