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CCK Team Is 120 Strong At Annual CVS Downtown Providence 5k

CCK Team Is 120 Strong At Annual CVS Downtown Providence 5k


WJAR Providence reports:

People of all ages took part in the annual CVS Health Downtown 5K in Providence Sunday.

Among the youth runners was Camille Remillard, a student at Winman Junior High School in Warwick, who said she wanted to follow in her mother’s footsteps.

“She started running in sixth grade and kept running until college,” she said.

“She works really hard, tries really hard, happy to see her finish and pursue her goals,” said Amy Remillard, Camille’s mother.

The men’s winner was Ryan Hill of Portland, Oregon. Aliphine Tuliamuk of Albuquerque, New Mexico won the women’s race.

High school teams were dressed up for Sunday’s races, with costumes including a group of dalmatians and a bunch of grapes.

“Every year we have something new. You’ve seen some interesting people compete against each other, for example this year in the 3K High School race the costumes were fantastic,” said Eileen Boone, CVS Senior Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy,

Several local companies also had teams competing in the 5K. Bill Washington of Rhodes Pharmaceuticals participated with his son.

“We’re going to complete it, finish first, if not in the top ten,” said Washington.

Law firm Chisolm Chisolm and Kilpatrick had a team of one hundred twenty members running, which office manager Cathy Derrig said was a challenge to coordinate.

“But we appoint a team to organize everything for us and they did a great job this year,” said Derrig.

This year’s race comes on the same weekend a pipe bomb exploded in a trash can, cancelling a U.S. Marine Corps 5K charity race in New Jersey. No one was injured in that incident but it was on people’s minds in Providence.

“Very very sad, it’s scary; but we’re all in it for today and hoping for the best,” said Derrig.

Boone said they were confident in the security measures they had in place.

“We’ve always locked down, so we didn’t do anything different because we’ve been really focused on what’s going on out there,” she said.

People NBC 10 spoke with said the incident in New Jersey was definitely not going to deter them from taking part in the fun event in Providence.

“You gotta live life, you gotta keep going,” said Amy Remillard.
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