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VA Disability Pay Chart

VA Disability Pay Chart

The Department of Veterans Affairs provides service-connected compensation to veterans suffering from conditions due to military service. The amount of monthly compensation a veteran receives depends on his or her combined disability rating. The current VA disability compensation rates as of 2018 range from $136 to $2,973 for a single veteran with no dependents.

 Additional Benefits for Dependents

If your combined disability rating is 30% or higher, you are eligible to receive additional benefits for qualifying dependents in your household. Qualifying dependents include your spouse, children under the age of 18, children between the ages of 18 and 23 still in school, or dependent parents. The amount of additional compensation varies between dependents.

How the VA Disability Pay Chart Works

The amounts listed in the VA disability pay chart are representative of the amount that VA pays monthly for disability benefits. The percentages across the top of the pay chart are the total combined disability ratings that you are assigned after combining the ratings of each of your conditions. Importantly, you do not receive separate compensation for each of your service-connected conditions. Instead, you receive one monthly payment for your combined rating. The combined ratings of 10% and 20% are not listed on the pay chart, because such ratings do not qualify for extra compensation for dependents. However, the monthly compensation amounts for those rates are $136.24 and $269.30, respectively.

If you follow across the row, you will find the corresponding amount of compensation consistent with each combined rating. The amount of monthly compensation increases as the combined rating increases. Additionally, in the pay chart you can find the amount of monthly compensation you will receive for qualified dependents. The first column represents a single veteran with no dependents. However, each column thereafter represents a different combination of dependents. Once again, if you follow across the row, you will find the amount of compensation based on your combined rating that is unique to your dependency status.

The VA disability pay chart is divided into two sections based on qualifying dependents. Specifically, the top half of the pay chart identifies monthly compensation for veterans with a spouse or dependent parents. The bottom half of the pay chart identifies monthly compensation for veterans with children under 18 years old or still in school.

VA disability pay chart

VA disability pay chart
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