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Disability Policy Information

Long Term Disability Claim Denials

Long-Term Disability Insurance Claim Denials

People purchase long term disability insurance individually or through their employer. Others are covered through their employer’s benefits package. Premiums are paid for the security of knowing that if they become unable to do their job due to sickness or injury, a percentage of their income will be protected. This is often called long term disability or LTD insurance. While many disability insurance companies pay the benefits they owe, many legitimate claims are denied.

Why Was My Disability Claim Denied?

Insurance companies base denials on various theories, including: lack of so-called “objective evidence,” questioning your credibility, labeling your symptoms as “self reported,” limiting your benefits under mental illness exclusions, exaggerating the significance of surveillance, “independent” medical examinations and, even using in-house medical “experts” to contradict your treating doctors and deny your claim.

If your disability claim is denied or your LTD benefit payments have been terminated, you should contact a long term disability attorney immediately, as you may have a limited time to appeal the decision.